Strategies to Get Traffic From Google and Other Search Engines

Posted on September 23, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

If you are launching any new business venture in the coming future, having a website is a must to attract your potential customers via this medium. You can attract your target audience for your different products or services without investing huge amount of money unlike you do in other forms of advertising and marketing. Once you make your website live over the web, the very next thing you require is people visiting it. In other words, you need traffic for your website.

Among the simple ways to attract traffic is via popular search engines like Google or Bing. Google is considered as the most popular search engines thanks to innovation and effective solution catered by its CEO- Larry Page and his team. Hence the online businesses regardless of their size focus more on getting traffic via Google. The following are the some of the strategies of getting traffic via Google. Before proceeding, you could also try going through this article which will guide you on the Google Search Operators Useful for SEOs.

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Using keywords effectively:

During your various On-page SEO efforts, you have to use keywords effectively in Filename, Alt attribute, and description. While creating any filename, you need to avoid using some alphabet or digits as the spiders may not be able to locate your content. As any user search through words or phrases over search box of Google, you can definitely get results with filename like seo-tips.jpg or google-image-search.jpg rather than giving filenames like DP5432.jpg.

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Similarly, the basic reason why you need an alternative text in a form of Alt attribute is to help the spiders to crawl fast through different relevant words as they are not able to detect image content. “Alt” attributes placed in key phrases or keywords would help you in better search engine rankings. At the same time it helps even the people with visual impairment to understand your content as well as the relevant application simply interprets the data which you have added in the images.

The description plays a good role provided it comprises specific details about the images with proper keyword usage. At the end, all these things plays an effective role in driving good traffic towards your website from Google search results.

Using content in different ways:

Content has prime importance in search engine optimization. You are supposed to develop high quality and useful content for website. You can convert your optimized content over your site into slideshow presentations. These could be done using any free software from Open Office. You can then convert these slideshows in video formats and submit over different video sharing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, MetaCafe, etc. The description of your videos could carry a link of your website which can play a role in diverting good traffic towards you.

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The other method of using your content is to convert into a podcast messages using some text to speech applications. Once you make these files into MP3 format and upload them over sites like iTune, you end up getting good amount of extra traffic towards your website. You can even think of writing down a couple of press releases about your products or services and simply submit over a number of PR submission sites. This will help you in promoting your links.

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Using social media platforms effectively:

The different social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, MySpace, etc. are playing an important role in pulling good traffic from Google. All you need to do is to create business page at these sites and be an active participant over different social networking activities. Once you start using these platforms effectively, you make your links popular as they get indexed at different search results.

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Also, social media helps you in targeting your potential clients as per your desired demography or even through different age groups. Since social media has become extremely popular over the web, hence using these platforms in an optimum way can yield you good amount traffic through search engines like Google.

Try Google Adwords:

The other way of getting good traffic is via Google Adwords. Though it doesn’t come for free, but with instant traffic for your site really makes it a worthy strategy. This method is really very simple, you just have to create a Google Adword account pay for the number of traffic and clicks you get for your site. Before using this method make sure you check your budget and the competition in your niche area and then invest in Google Adwords.

At the same time, you need to use this method diligently by exploring some effective ways of using this platform. This will help you in preventing any money and efforts waste in getting quick traffic towards your website. The best thing about Google Adwords is you get quick visibility over different search results. However, the flip side is once you run out of money, your site is no more found over the search engine results.

Wrapping up

If you are interested in pulling good amount of traffic towards your website through Google, the above strategies could help in getting the same. All you need to do is to try them out with consistency. Try them out, they are worth trying.

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  1. I agree with all the strategies you shared here.A good keyword,high quality unique content,the use of social media to drive traffic,these are all best.Thanks for sharing it..

  2. Nikhil,everything you shared is great!Effective keyword is good in seo.I also believe that a unique and original content that answers the needs of your readers and not merely selling your products on them is what they want.Google loves it.Thanks..

  3. website ranking Cheshire says

    Google is the most popular search engine today and we need to use it’s advantage to market our business online.I agree.Google Adwords can give your site traffic.Effective keywords,unique and fresh content together with social media marketing can help your business succeed.Thanks for sharing Nikhil!


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  2. […] Also Read: Strategies to Get Traffic From Google and Other Search Engines […]

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