What to Expect While Hiring Android Developers

Posted on September 22, 2012 by Jenni

A new wave in mobile application industry with iOS operating system has completely stirred Smartphone application market. It was freely available to developers as an open source platform. Due to its open environment, it has large number of manufacturers and hand held devices. It had user friendly software with enhancement in android OS. The software development kit of Google’s OS makes it veryconvenient for customized applications.

Android creates many opportunities for businesses and every small and big IT industry wants to take advantage of it. Due to neck to neck competition, the It companies are offering such services at reasonable price and the competition gives additional advantage to the clients and end users. They get best development options at reasonable prices and get applications.

Android Developers

The IT companies who are providing mobile application development services never take risk of hiring inexperienced employees specially programmers and developers and they have a pool of experienced employees as well. They offer their clients to develop applications for them either on site or offsite. It all depends upon the requirement of the clients to work in the close co-ordination of the employeesand also termed as outsourcing.

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Clients look for following benefits of choosing application Development Company:

  • The client looking for a developer must choose an expert company.
  • The client must check for the interface design before choosing the employee
  • The client must possess experience of development of multiple android applications in different categories.
  • It should display a perfect app designing capability across various android devices.
  • It must reduce the app development costs significantly as compared to others.
  • Check whether the company is providing the testing services along with the development services.
  • The user experience must be smooth and clean for testing services after the app is being developed.
  • The company must make customize software programs.
  • The work must be according to the given deadlines and the turnaround time taken for one project must be significantly fast.
  • Check for the non disclosure agreement and the source code security
  • The organization must be capable of marketing and advertising that application product as well.

The organization that offers the above mentioned benefits so that clients must feel comfortable while signing the contract with the company. However, the general companies do provide the considerable benefits to their clients by developing applications on Android which is far beneficial in all spheres.

Also if you are planning to hire an android developer then definitely you are going to make a perfect decision for your business growth. Make sure the developer you are hiring molds into perfect shape to make android application developments so that you may not regret for hiring position in future. IF you are not sure about the capabilities of the developer then you can contact companies to provide off shore employees to hire android developer from their team. This is cost effective as well as saving hardship that is being involved in searching for android developers. Although, it’s your entire wish to make a decision but you can also make your application free for use with a good resource to ensure your success.

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  1. Custom app development says

    To add to above list:
    – the development company must regularly update the status of app development and should be available on IM when needed
    – the development company should provide app support after delivery for any bugs/defects that may arise

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