eBay and eCommerce: Which is Better

Posted on October 7, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

In today’s online marketplace, the possibilities are virtually interminable. Merchants sell goods and services on everything from personal websites to Etsy, from Craigslist’s classifieds-inspired postings to online giants like Amazon or eBay. If you are thinking about taking your business online, it will be worthwhile to learn about all your options. Here are some things to consider about two popular options: an eBay store and a personalized eCommerce site. If you opt to choose the personalized eCommerce website of your own, then you could refer to the article on – Which is the Best E-Commerce – Magento vs PrestaShop vs OsCommerce that will help you choose the right eCommerce platform for you to build your shopping site.

EBay: Pros and Cons

eBay’s number one advantage is pure and simple name recognition and popularity. eBay essentially reinvented the online marketplace, and millions of people worldwide have used it to buy and sell goods. In this respect, it makes perfect sense to focus all of your efforts on creating the best eBay experience for your customers.However, the auction giant is not without its pitfalls. Particularly, eBay is an enormous corporation, which can lead to a lack of personalized service and subjecting yourself to its whims.

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Using this sort of service means you will have less control over the look, feel, and experience of your store. Additionally, many businesses feel like they will be branded “illegitimate” or not taken seriously if they sell their goods on eBay. Of course this is this is a matter of personal opinion, but this viewpoint is pervasive enough that it is worth mentioning.

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Your Own Ecommerce Site: Pros and Cons

Running your own ecommerce site is usually a no-brainer for anyone who is familiar with the online marketplace. You have infinitely more control over the process, plus there are loads of different ecommerce software to help you with the process. When you create a reputable ecommerce site, you can use it to build your overall brand. But running a site can be intimidating for some people who don’t consider themselves particularly tech-savvy, and there are certain responsibilities you will have to shoulder.

You won’t have the built in exposure that a larger retailer like eBay or Amazon provides, which means you will be responsible for working to get people to your site. If you aren’t comfortable with or willing to learn strategies and tools like SEO to drive traffic, you may find yourself with a site that no one can find. This approach will likely demand more time and attention, but the rewards can be greater as well.

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So how do you decide which option is the most appropriate choice for you? Take a good look at your business model: How much time are you willing to devote? How large is your operation? Are you willing to outsource or hire on new help if there is a problem you can’t take care of yourself? eBay is probably better suited for a smaller business with limited time and  resources, while building and maintaining an eCommerce site is likely the better option for a larger company with the ability to devote time and energy to the site.

Of course, if you are considering taking your business online, make sure to do your research about your options. When it comes to ecommerce, there is no one size fits all option.

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