Android Phones Are Commanding the Smartphone Market

Posted on September 12, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Google smart phones are on the rise worldwide; that is except for the United States where Apple is still strong. In fact, there is no European market whose share is below 50%. What has helped with the Google phone’s popularity is the fact that they feature larger screens, which adds to the user-ability. In fact, almost one-third of all Android phones feature a screen size of 4.5 inches, while the iPhone’s is 3.5. This has led to a majority of  European nations slowly being turned on the Android phones, with Windows phones leading the way.

With all of that said, it seems fortunate for the computing giant, Apple, to be moving to a rumored larger screen with the most recent anticipated product; the iPhone 5. So in this way, Apple is adopting Android’s strategy of using larger screens to attract customers. While Apple is having a trouble penetrating the large national markets, it is having a lot of success in the United States, and that doesn’t look like it is going anywhere soon.

Android vs apple

Maybe this can give some more insight to all of Apple’s recent lawsuits with Android based smartphone developers like Samsung. Although Apple won these suits, there was some speculation as to whether or not they would have an effect on the market, and it is ironic that in the end Apple is emulating the Android phones. For Apple to keep trying to keep a handle on the international market, it only makes sense that they are trying to fight their way to the top, all the while developing their newest smart phone. Apple will also still remain a leader in personal computing and app development, so this hitch shouldn’t hurt their marketing.

So we will wait and see how the newest iPhone release will affect the smart phone market. If the screen is larger, as earlier rumored, we will also get some insight as to what is motivating smart phone buyers; the size of screen or the company backing the phone. We also might see if all of Apple’s recent lawsuits against mobile technology developers is coming back to bite them, as non-dedicated Apple consumers might find their actions unsavory.

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