How to Perform Windows Crash Recovery Process

Posted on September 12, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

In this technology centric world, we depend on our computers for important information and data storage more than files or other storage mediums. Out of many other operating systems, Windows is the most highly used one. Due to its ease of use and popularity, Windows is found in maximum computer systems. Everyone who uses Windows operating system has come across sudden crash at some or the other point of their lives.

During such hard disk crashes or mishandling issues, entire data is corrupted or lost. It depends on people how fast and effectively they recover entire data. Here are few recovery tools that would come handy in such situations when data is lost and sudden recovery is needed.

Windows XP does not have specific Windows recovery tools. Instead, if you own a live bootable CD then you might fix broken MBR [Master boot record]. By “fixmbr” command, you can repair the corrupt Master boot records and try a successful recovery.


Windows 7 has better recovery options. The top end versions of Windows 7 automatically create a separate 100MB partition to create recovery partition that stores the critical system data. Insert the bootable CD and select on repair computer mode. Let Windows repair itself as it is and very soon you will see a login screen with fresh Windows logo.

Many times, you may fail to boot the system. At such times, it gets tricky to recover data when the system cannot be booted. One needs to keep following on screen instructions to perform this recovery. Before starting, you will need external storage device such as USB, Flash drive, Ex Hard disk etc and Windows 7 installation disc or a system repair CD.

After inserting the CD, reboot the system and choose boot from CD when it asks you. Go with the onscreen instructions to choose language etc.

When it asks you to choose the system recovery options, select ‘system image recovery’ and the computer starts scanning to find the available system image. Press Cancel if no image is found by the system.

Click on the option ‘Advanced’ on the next screen. System would ask you to install a driver, when going with this option do not forget to attach an external storage device. You need to navigate to the desired folder or the whole drive that you wish to copy and the destination drive.

Cancel the system warnings that come up. Within some time, entire data is copied safely to the external storage device. This data could be used on different computer system later and alternatively you could choose other recovery options and format the system. The worst part here is, that there is no guarantee of complete recovery of data and by formatting the system entire data including software is lost. Hence, third party Windows Recovery software must be preferred. Other than being user-friendly and easy to use, this software performs complete recovery within minutes.

Windows Recovery software can be tried before buying as well, by downloading its free trial version. Loaded with three recovery modes namely, quick, extensive and file trace scan, the software completely scans the system and finds corrupt files to be repaired and saved as soon as possible.

Article summary

Windows Recovery software is the best choice to make when dealing with Windows corruption issues. Using manual recovery methods may not be completely fool proof and many times, user fails to recover any file at all. Hence, usage of third party software is preferred.

Author bio: Steve Smith is well-experienced network and security professional who has dealt with such disk crashes several times and recovered many files. He has been writing about several recovery processes such as windows data recovery, Linux data recovery etc.

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