Tips to Save Battery on Android Mobiles

Posted on September 3, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

In the galaxy of top notch smart phones, Android phones are the ones that currently stand tall as compared to the rest. But there is one asepct that worries Android users the most and that is the battery backup. It seems to have a decent battery backup. But as compared to the Symbian, iOS and the Windows phone, I have to say – “Android is lagging behind”. The reason for the high battery consumption in is because of the number of  of applications that run simultaneously and gadget endurance. For instance screen brightness, faster dual-core processor, GPS radio, 4G networks, and LTE varieties are taking a great toll on the battery of Android phones.

Save Battery on Android

Here are a few suggestions that will help you overcome battery related problems and hence Save Battery on Android devices.

  • Check the power consuming applications:  If you are witnessing rapid power loss then check out which application is battery. For checking out same, go to the option Setting> Apps – Head over to the Running Tab. Finally you will know about application that is power glutton. If there is any such application, it’s better to uninstall right away.
  • Turn off the unnecessary hardware features:  It is wonderful to have streaming features in your mobile phone, but do you need them 24×7? Android phones keep updating several apps in background and as a result there is regular loss of battery from your mobile. Whenever you leave 4G mode turn on along with LTE, it cuts down the battery drastically.   It is better to install power widget since it will help you out in switching off GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other power consuming apps.
  • Adjust the brightness of the screen:   By turning phone in a low brightness mode you can save a good deal of battery.  If you happen to adjust your operating system, to be less bright in the darkness or in the full –lighted room, then you can save great deal of battery.
  • Uninstall the useless home screen widget and live wallpaper:  Mostly, people think that power is only consumed when we are using some kind of app, but this is not true. Even if the apps like home screen widget and live wallpaper are sitting in lazy mode, it keeps sucking out the juice.
  • Download the Gmail, twitter and Facebook App: Most of the people tend to visit the social networking pages using their web browser. But instead if you opt for their apps available in the Android Store, It will add to your battery life. Many manufacturers are not bothered about pre-installing facebook and twitter on their mobile phone and leave it for the default options.  The idea lies behind is that all while visiting all these websites simultaneously, it comsumes lots of battery while refreshing the page or while polling out something. Once you have figured out the amount of power consumed during checking out mails or the polling, start reducing regular visit at this website and install their apps. [Example: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail]
  • Uninstall the Adobe Flash Player: Adobe flash player tends to consume more battery because it enhances frequency of videos to give a better picture quality. So it’s a better option to uninstall these apps because they also download default setting of flash on web page. For uninstalling this app, in fact any app for that matter, I would recommend you to use the Super aTool Box-cache battery app. This app is an absolute genius. Other than un-installing apps, you can use it to monitor your battery, use it as a file manager, install apps from your memory card and even shift the apps to the memory card in order to free the internal space of your mobile.
  • Update your apps on regular basis:  Whenever you update your app, mostly it tends to reduce the power consumption. Check your apps update by hitting out Google play and then menu key and my apps, and save battery.
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  1. Now a days lots of users use Android Mobiles. Android Mobiles has lots of features. It also effects battery life. Your tips will helpful to save battery life 🙂

  2. Another advice I can add to this list is to turn off the Wi-Fi. When you don’t use Wi-Fi connection your Wi-Fi module still tries to connect to the nearest Wi-Fi spots (and if there’s no such spots it keeps looking for them). Thus it drains your battery considerably. So it will be good for your battery to turn the Wi-Fi module on only when you’re going to use it.

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