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Posted on September 1, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Is Internet is so tightly integrated with business that many have forgotten how business was conducted in the past. The Internet’s encroachment on old business practices has been rapid, but the incremental nature of this change has caused many to not realize that a full-blown revolution was underway. Here are some of the ways that the Internet has changed how business communication is conducted in the 21st century.


Business in the past relied on telephones, mail and fax machines. All three of these communication methods are still in use today, but email has reduced their usage substantially. There are few reasons to send letters today, and businesses primarily use mail to send products and items that cannot be reproduced digitally. Combined with scanners, email can provide better document reproduction than fax machines ever could. Telephones are still advantageous over email for some tasks, but the rate of placing phone calls has dropped.

online business Communication

Voice over IP

The telephone was one of the most important business inventions, and many experts credit the telephone with creating truly modern businesses in the middle of the 20th century. The usefulness of telephones continues today, but the infrastructure of telephone systems is being replaced with the Internet’s infrastructure. Copper telephone lines having limited bandwidth capabilities, a fact to which those who have used dail-up Internet services can attest. By using VoIP services, businesses can eliminate their telephone bills while taking advantage of the advanced hardware that VoIP companies provide.

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Online collaboration

Office software was one of the computer’s biggest hits; being able to create documents on a computer allowed businesses to create their documents digitally instead of relying on typewriters. The Internet has continued this change by allowing businesses to use online document collaboration tools. Emailing documents are they are changed can be a hassle, and the lack of revision control can lead to problems. Internet-based collaboration tools track changes and highlight how the document changes over time. This collaboration greatly eases the logging of necessary information and necessary archiving.

Communicating from anywhere with mobile Internet

Smart phones have been another unexpected development that is transforming business in the 21st century. After years of incremental improvements, the introduction of the iPhone and Android phones made smart phones useful, expandable business tools. The trend that Blackberry devices began was accelerated with the advent of easy-to-use app stores filled with useful apps. The hardware in these devices has surpassed that of computers from only 15 years ago, and future changes will continue to increase the utility of this new platform.

Virtual meetings

The most popular feature of smart phones is their ability to access the Internet from anywhere. Businesses do not have to lose contact with staff members who are on the road, and the speed of mobile wireless broadband can support advanced communication techniques. Virtual meetings are beginning to become popular; streaming video and document-sharing capabilities make it possible to replicate a standard business meeting without requiring everyone to gather in one place.

In light of the number of ways that the Internet has revolutionized business practices, it is surprising that some felt computers were just a fad that would pass. Still, many believe that the computer revolution is still in its early stages, and it will be exciting to see what developments the future will bring.

Author Bio: Zac Grace works in the IT industry for over 6 years and he writes for spiderbox. The digital era that we live in is run by internet and fast access to data, using our resources in a smart manner will allow us to get the best returns with minimum investments.

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