Did you Check Out Logitech’s Latest Washable Keyboards?

Posted on August 28, 2012 by Travis Ramsy

Logitech’s washable keyboards is here. Say goodbye to dirt and grime and say a big hello to cleaner computers and more sanitized workstations. It’s all thanks to Logitech’s all-new washable and spill-proof keyboard K310, which is the latest in the series of cool accessories that the company has launched. So have you checked out the washable keyboard yet? Are you eager to know more about this little wonder? Why don’t you start by checking out its impressive features given below?

logitech k310 Keyboard
Attractive Appearance

The Logitech K310 washable keyboard has bright white keys, which when contrasted with its sleek back body create a smart frame-design look. Indubitably, the K310 is a superb looking accessory to all your personal computers.

Great design

The K310 washable keyboard is a full-sized, scratch-resistant, and completely practical computer keyboard complete with a numerical keypad and 12 function keys with ‘hot key’ capabilities. The keys – which are equipped with Rubberdome key knowhow – are all well-proportioned and adequately responsive. The K310 has other thoughtful design facets such as:

• The keys’ characters have been laser printed and embellished with an ultraviolet finish. This makes the keys extremely hardy, abrasion-resistant, and much simpler to clean.
• Sturdy keyboard support legs that can be tilted up to 8 degrees
• Handy water drainage outlets at the back
• An attached cleaning brush
• A USB male wire discreetly leading up from it, for easy connectivity with computer systems.

The 12 function keys deserve special mention – they make everyday tasks like viewing the Internet, controlling the volume, and checking your email a whole lot simpler. Ensuing is the function list:
F1 – Home key
F2 – Email
F3 – Search
F4 – Calculator
F5 – Media Player launch
F6 – Previous media file
F7 – Play or pause
F8 – Next media file
F9 – Mute button
F10 – Decrease volume
F11 – Increase volume
F12 – Put computer to sleep

The experience is enhanced by the Scroll Lock, Num Lock, and Caps Lock keys with their accompanying LED light indicators.

logitech k310 Keyboard image

Easily Washable

This is the standout feature of the K310 keyboard. No more dirt, grime, and dust stuck between keys and no more germs and other unhealthy elements feasting on your keyboard.

Also, cleaning the K310 is a fast and simple affair. The keyboard may be submerged up to 11 inches of water for easy washing. The useful drainage outlets make the water escape faster and ensure speedy drying. The following things must, however, be kept in mind:

  • The keyboard can only be washed by hand and not in the dishwasher
  • Only soft brushes and non-corrosive, non-alcoholic cleaning solutions may be used
  • The recommended washing duration and temperature should ideally not exceed 24 hours at twenty five degrees Celsius and 36 wash sequences (of a standard 5 minutes each) at fifty degrees Celsius
  • The K310 must be dried in open air
Good to go

The K310 may be operated as soon as you unpack it. As mentioned earlier, it can be easily plugged to a USB port of any computer for instant use – no software and no delay!


The keyboard is compatible with the popular Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8 operating systems.

All in all, the keyboard is what you need to keep your computer area looking spick and span. Factor in the $40 price and the 3 year hardware warranty and you have a very ‘neat’ purchase indeed. Check out the Logitech washable keyboard K310 today!

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