Best Video Chatting Apps for Smartphones

Posted on August 27, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Face-to-face chatting is not possible in this fast moving world. No grievance… Video calling feature of the modern phones offers you an easy way of connecting from afar even when you are on wheels. However, there was not many scope of video chatting in smartphones. But now, plethora of apps is offered to facilitate video chatting on smartphones. Here is an article consisting of some of the best Video Calling Apps for Android and the iPhone

Check emails while waiting for a movie, start teleconferencing while strolling in the park or share videos and photos while on vacation – smartphone’s video calling apps offer you something more than this. Now, you can enter into face-to-face chatting without attending the meeting. Yes, video chat app of smartphone is so innovative! Check out the following apps:


Tango Video and Voice Calls

Tango Video Chat

This is also a widely used app among the smartphone users. Like any of the above apps, you can connect this using the data connection of your phone or through Wi-Fi. The only disadvantage of this application is that you cannot use this feature in any other phone except the ones that have Tango application.

Download Tango for Android – Apple


FaceTime is no doubt the best application at the moment so far as video apps are concerned. With this app in your iPhone, you can call up anyone having an iPad2, Mac, iPod Touch and another iPhone with Wi-Fi connections. Also, FaceTime only supports Apple devices running on iOS. If you only use an Apple device and have constant accessibility to Wi-Fi connectivity, FaceTime is the right app for you!


The usage is incredibly easy – just hit the button of FaceTime and start talking with anyone in your contact list. Besides face-to-face chatting, FaceTime gives you the facility to show what you want with the aid of rear camera.

Download FaceTime from here



You may ask – why Windows phone should only have this video chat app. This is because it is purchased by Microsoft. You can text or call up any Skype user and video chat with him through Wi-Fi connection or 3G with the aid of this app. Want to call up some non-user of Skype? Go ahead by just paying Skype rates!

Download for Android – Apple – Windows



Want to conduct multi-platform video chatting? What can be the best solution for you other than ooVoo. Reach as many platforms as you like in the same network. The biggest advantage of this app is – you can make 6-way calling with ooVoo making it a perfect tool for business meeting. You are free to use Wi-Fi, 4G and 3G connections for this.

Download from here.


Google Video Chat

google video chat

This video chat app has the highest potential in terms of video calling. You are free to use this app in any Android phone. You also get the privilege of using this app with other tablets, PCs and Android phones having Google Talk. This is available in the Android smartphones where the app is inbuilt. Google Video Chat also offers you multiple ways of connecting – via 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi.

On the other hand, one additional feature that you get to enjoy with Tango is that you can use a front-facing camera despite of its absence on your phone. Yes, that’s true…

Some of the best video chatting apps have been enumerated here. Choose the one you like!

Author’s Bio: Select any of the video calling apps from the online pc software support websites. You can get more info about the apps from Mike Tylor who is furnished with all the latest updates about modern apps.

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  1. I love Google Video Chatting!I’m glad it’s free on my phone.

  2. I always like skype because it’s service is good.I spend most of the time with skype.Thanks for this post.

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