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Posted on August 24, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Since its announcement in June, Microsoft’s Surface tablet has generated a lot of buzz in the world of computing over the surprise entry of this technological giant in the field of hardware manufacturing. So far seemingly content with confining itself to the development of the popular Windows operating system, Microsoft has finally made the big leap and entered the burgeoning tablet market with a bang.

Surface is a series of tablets that Microsoft has launched in two variants. The first one, the Surface RT is the consumer version weighing 1.5 pounds and is the thinner and lighter of the two. It runs on the Windows RT operating system which is basically a version of Windows 8 powered by an ARM CPU. The second one, the Surface Pro is targeted at business users and runs on the Windows 8 Pro operating system. With a thickness of 13.5 mm and weighing 1.9 pounds, Surface Pro is not only larger but also much more powerful than Surface RT.


Microsoft has crafted the Surface tablets with the intention of giving them the look and feel of a book. But possibly the most innovative feature in both the versions of the tablet is that when the cover is open it acts as a multitouch keyboard. Connected to the tablet, the cover elegantly folds in and doubles as a protective guard for the tablet’s screen. Both the variants have a Vapor Mg casing for added durability and a sturdy kickstand attached on hinges at the back that when pulled out stylishly supports the tablets.

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The Surface Pro is designed to be perfectly compatible with the new touch based Windows 8 OS and since it runs on an Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge Processor it exploits the full power a PC, exhibiting performance that exceeds expectations. In addition to the Metro apps, all the regular desktop software offered by Windows like Excel and Word and even Photoshop run perfectly on the Surface Pro.

microsoft surface tablet

Surface RT on the other hand is targeted at the more casual users and the standard Microsoft desktop apps don’t run on it. However, it runs Windows Explorer, ARM-specific apps and a basic version of Microsoft Office called “Office Home and Student”. Surface is one of the few tablets in the market with a full sized USB port with Surface Pro offering a USB 3.0 and the Surface RT offering a USB 2.0 port. The Pro version also has a microSDXC card slot and a DisplayPort that lets you output your videos to a TV.

The 10.6 inch display of the Surface is scratch resistant and optimum for reading since it considerably reduces glare. Its HD 1080p screen resolution is ideal for those wanting to watch their movies or TV shows on the entire screen and the kickstand is an added advantage as it provides the perfect angle for viewing content. Microsoft has also made available Touch Cover and Type Cover options in both the tablets for those who’d like to use their tablets to get some serious work done.

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