Introducing the Samsung Note 10.1 Galaxy Tablet

Posted on August 17, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

When personal computers were first introduced, they were described in terms of kilobytes of memory and megahertz for processor speed.  They were big and bulky and include several different parts for them to work.  They had to have a dedicated space in the home and were not portable.  Laptops changed that and made computers portable, but smartphones and tablets have taken this to a whole new level.  One of the newest devices that are available for people is the Samsung Note 10.1 Galaxy tablet.  This new tablet is sure to impress anyone who tries it.

Samsung Note 10.1 Galaxy Tablet

What’s it Got

The Samsung Note 10.1 is very different from the computers that people were flocking to the stores to by 30 years ago.  It offers a quad core 1.46 gigahertz processor.  There Is 2 GB of RAM and a 10.1 inch display.  The 5 megapixel camera can take still pictures and videos.  This is not just another computer.  It is a device that will help you in many different ways.  In addition to the rear camera there is a front facing camera that allows for video chats.  There is a built in Wi-Fi that means you can connect automatically to the internet whenever there is a network available.  The s pen stylus system offered by Samsung will also enhance the users experience with the tablet.  The tablet runs off of the latest operating Android operating system that is known as the Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich.

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A Students Tool

While many people will find this new tablet very useful, the people who might get the most out of it are students.  The unique size, power and features make this tablet a great addition to any students backpack.  The s pen stylus system allows the users to take notes and to integrate graphics into their notes using simple templates.  Instead of having to carry around a backpack full of pens, pencils and notebooks, the table will be able to help the student take their notes, organize and complete their classwork and in general perform better in school.  The tablet is designed to give the students and other users an active and interactive learning experience. It is sure to help any student who chooses to use it.

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The Total Package

The Samsung Note 10.1 not only offers a powerful computer that is easy to use to anyone who chooses it.  Most people think that computers are fragile devices that are easily broken.  This table was designed to be used and is not fragile.  The use of gorilla glass protects the screen from being broken or scratched and while dropping it off the roof of a building is not recommended, the casing for the tablet is tough and durable.  This is another good feature for students who are a little rougher with their computers.
The new school year is upon us and it is time to make sure that you have all of the supplies that you need.  If you want to offer the student the best chance at success, consider this tablet.  You might find out that it is good for students and for anyone else who likes using a computer.

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