VikingPCHealth Anti-Malware 2012 Review and Free Giveaways

Posted on August 9, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

It’s no secret that malicious software is becoming more sophisticated by the day. The recent discovery of Flame, Doqu and Stuxnet malware sheds light on the imminent threat of cyber weapons. Even a simple virus that replicates itself can consume all available memory and slow down your PC. It is, therefore, important to stay one step ahead.

VikingPCHealth is an add-on protection that works well with your current antivirus. It’s a fact that no security software can provide your system with a 100% defense against malware. Despite all the security measures taken, there is still a chance of an infection. VikingPCHealth removes malicious software, including viruses, Trojans, rootkits, spyware and tracking cookies from your system.

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With a powerful combination of five antivirus engines (including IKARUS, G-Data, Dr.Web, Emsisoft and Bitdefender), VikingPCHealth leaves ordinary software far behind. Each of the five engines is independently responsible for the release of a signature file every time a new threat is detected. Signature files are database updates with steps to remove latest infections.

In other words, the odds of getting your machine infected are drastically reduced since a new threat can be detected by any signature file from the five autonomous antivirus engines.
Relying on a single vendor does not guarantee complete protection and, in most cases, installing multiple antivirus software cause conflicts.

With VikingPCHealth there is no need to uninstall your current antivirus software. The product can be used as a second opinion scanner since it can work well with your present security protection.
Unlike common vendors, our product is very light on the system. Cloud Scanning technology uses very little system resources and does not slow down your PC. It does not require an installation and can be used directly from any external storage device.

VikingPCHeath is the perfect solution in the the present day life for total peace of mind against latest threads. Download it from here.

The paid version of the VikingPCHealth will cost you $ 29.95 , but here on Techarta you get to win a free copy of the VikingPCHealth Anti-Malware 2012. We are giving away some VikingPCHealth Anti-Malware 2012 License Keys for completely free of cost. It is an open contest. Anyone can take part in the contest. To participate in the giveaway, All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

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Winners will be selected randomly and would receive the licenses through their e-mails on 26th of August which is the deadline for this Giveaway. Good Luck. Also watch out for the cool giveaways in the near future.

For more information on the product, visit the official website:

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  1. KaushikM12 says
  2. Quoc Vuong says
  3. Great product and i really want to take part of this giveaway. Thanks and please count me in! 🙂

  4. ReviewsAntivirus says

    This is very good program. I need it for computer protection. Sorry for my English.

    Please update link for you Facebook profile.

  5. Giovanni M. says

    Hi great giveaway, thanks!!
    I’d like to win a key license of this great tool because after trying it a few weeks ago I had immediately noticed it can detect more spyware hidden in your system (especially trojans & rootkits) than any other similar product I had tried so far. Must have app especially if you use your PC for home banking and online shopping almost on a daily basis
    Please count me in!!

  6. Thank you for the contest.
    I’d like to win a key license of VikingPCHealth.

  7. I have never heard before about VikingPCHealth Anti-Malware. But it seems very important defense software. Its a good giveway

  8. I would like to take part in the giveaway.
    VikingPCHealth is a must have program for me because it can complement my existing security setup to comprehensively protect my pc against malware and other threats effectively. Thanks.

    Followed on twitter & tweeted.

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    Thanks for the Giveaway Dude.
    Please count me in too. Awesome Giveaway.
    Wish to be the Lucky Winner!

  12. Hi, thanks for this fantastic giveaway! I gotta say, I’m with most of the people here. I’ve never heard of VikingPCHealth before so I went to their website to gather a little bit of information. After reading a couple of reviews VikingPCHealth can be described as a multi-engine scanner, it works exactly like Hitman Pro, or a Second Opinion Scanner/On-Demand Scanner – to be precised. Having more than one scanning engine would means higher increase in malware detection rate. It would be great if I could add VikingPCHealth in my current security setup along with my real-time antivirus and other on-demand scanners to provide a multi-layered protection for my computer.

    And one other thing, the facebook link above doesn’t work, it says “The page you requested was not found” when I clicked on it. Here is my tweet and my facebook status:

  13. Hello Everybody,

    Thanks for participating in the giveaway. Here are the winners:
    Jay P

  14. I have 12 days left on my anti-virus program. This would do the trick.
    Please count me in..
    Thank you, Nikhil and
    Peace and Prosperity to All..

    Link to like:

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