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Posted on August 5, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Printing is a whole lot more simple and flexible than it used to be. I not so fondly remember the days when printers could only be connected to one computer, they took forever, sounded like a plane taking off, and you had to remove the perforated strips from the sides when you were done. Ok that last one was a bit fun, I will admit. These days, printers are networked and wireless and even have touch screens on them. Some of the latest innovations in printing, however, have been the ability to print from mobile devices. The possibilities that this opens up is truly freeing. So if you have an Android tablet or smartphone, read on to learn about the best printing apps for Android.

HP iPrint Photo (Free in Play Store)

HP is one of the biggest names in commercial printers and their app does not disappoint. It Supports over 200 HP printers, has a quick and simple set up, and allows you to edit your photos before you whisk them off to the printer. The app is slick and easy to use. So if you even think you will be around an HP printer in the future, you should grab this free app.

HP iPrint Photo

Download from here.

Cloud Print (Free in Play Store)

Cloud print, currently voted as the best android printing app, facilitates you to print files from your android device phone to your printer. If you have got a Cloud print ready printer, then this is the app for you. It comes with a built-in browser using which you can print the various document formats. I personally recommend this app to everyone.

Cloud Print

Download from here.

Brother iPrint & Scan (Free in Play Store)

Another great printing app for Android is the Brother iPrint & Scan app. This app will scan your wireless network for wireless enabled Brother printers and print straight from your phone. You can even operate the scanner from your phone (note that the scanner must be loaded beforehand). So if you own a Brother printer, this free app is for you.

Brother iPrint & Scan

Download from here.

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint (Free in Play Store)

Canon has made the most of their printer’s features with this app. Easy-PhotoPrint allows you to print to Canon printers on your network from your phone or tablet and even lets you batch print photos (up to 39 in a row). You can even select the type of paper you wish the photos to print on from your phone. If you have a Canon printer and like to print photos, this free app will be your new best friend.

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint

Download from here.

Polaroid PoGo App (Free in Play Store)

Polaroid also have their own printing app for Android. PoGo, as it is call is distinct in that it is the only printing app that allows you to print via Bluetooth. So as long as you are in Bluetooth range, you can print to your PoGo printer. The app also lets you add fun borders to your photo before printing as well. Polaroid PoGo printer owners should grab this app for free from the Play Store today.

Polaroid PoGo App

Download from here.

Picwing Print & Mail Photos (Free in Play Store, other fees apply)

This app is a bit different from the other apps above. Picwing is an app as well as a service that will print and mail you photos for you. This is a pretty handy service for mailing photos to distant friends and family members. The rates are reasonable and you can pay as you go if you like.

Picwing Print & Mail Photos

Download from here.

So if you have an Android device and you want to get in on all the printing fun, you should check out the apps listed above. Once you start printing from your mobile device, you may never stop.

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