How to Choose The Best Netbook?

Posted on July 31, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

The netbook has some very specific features that make it stand out of the line of portable devices like laptops or tablets. It is more mobile than laptops as it weighs less and can work longer in comparison with laptops, and it also provides the possibility to text a lot and to work with some very complex document, what is almost impossible if you use a tablet. Mainly it happens because it has a physical keyboard and a mouse.

So, how to choose the best netbook from the whole variety of the models presented at the market? There are several points you should keep in mind when you choose a netbook. And they are:


Modern netbooks today come with Atom chips and that’s why all you have to do is to choose which one to buy. I would recommend taking a two-core microprocessor. Of course, the energy consumption is higher, but the speed of work will be impressive.

Current software products require more and more RAM, so don’t safe several dozens of dollars and choose a netbook that has RAM less than 2 GB otherwise it will become obsolete too fast.

Disk Space
The optimal size of the hard disk is of 260 to 320 GB. If you have less, there is a danger that you won’t have enough space to store all the data you want to have, especially video and music files.

Operating system
Most of netbooks go with Windows 7 Starter, but you can often meet MeeGo (usually it is a way to make a netbook cheaper as this OS is free) as well. Just don’t take much attention to it as you can always install the OS you want – Windows or Linux.

Screen size
If you are going to much time working at a netbook, it is advisable to get one with a screen which has not less than 10.1”. It means that your eyes won’t get tired so soon and your work will be more comfortable if you had some 9” screen.

One of the key features of netbooks is time of work. It is up to 7 hours without charging. But pay attention to the battery: it should have at least 6 cells to be able to work so long, especially if you pick a powerful processor.

It is only for you to decide which keyboard will fit you. And the only way to find it out is to make a test before buying.

As you see, there are 7 key features of netbooks you need to pay attention to. Other functions are optional and are made only for your convenience. Design, the number of USB ports, card reader, etc. should be only the additional information for you when you take a decision to buy this or that netbook.

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