Core Reason For Rooting an Android Phone

Posted on July 26, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Rooting, what does it implies? Why do I have to do that to my expensive android device? What implication am I to fall into doing it? All this and more will be discussed on this post, I’ll implore you take few minutes reading this post in other to get few knowledge and scope of rooting an android phone.

First to go by, rooting is the act of conditioning your android phone to go through some process in other to get total use of your android device but, isn’t that sounding absurd? Imagine you go through some process in other to get a total use of your mobile phone?

Rooting AndroidTo every new android phone, there are limitations that encompass you to operate your android phone to particular limits, limitations which are stated by your phone manufacturer, which to them might be of benefit to you the users of the android phone. But what on earth is limitation called. It makes no change because it still maintains its definition as limitation.

Rooting a phone is always regarded as a way of gaining super use of your android phone, the ability to break the limitation set in place by your phone manufacturer, when a phone is rooted it comes with a lot of benefits that gives the android phone the super freedom. Here on this article are some of the core reasons and benefits of rooting your android device.

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You get full control of your phone

If you ask me one thing I hate most in my life that will be someone dictating how I use my own personal belongings. One thing that was made possible on your own android phone before it was rooted is the limit to what you can do. Limitation to the number of files you can download and the types, but immediately your android device is rooted; you gain full control of using the phone with your device manufacturer having no control on what you can do on your own personal phone.

Allow the use of super software on your phone

There are some tasks that will never be possible on an android phone that has not been rooted, things like downloading some files that are not in the contract terms, that is binding you and a phone that is not rooted, downloaded on your android device. In other words, you will only be limited to using some other application or software other than those ones that came in default with your android device. Therefore rooting an android device give you chance to download and make use of some other software that are even better off the one default with your android device.

Increase the performance of your phone

Rooted phones are known to work faster than phones that are not rooted; this is because when you root your android device, you get the chance of downloading some software that can make your device work faster than it works when it is not rooted. To make your android mobile phone work faster you can install roms on it and you will be amazed at the gap of speed that your android device will operate at.

You might want to ask if there is any consequence as to my result of rooting my android device but honestly speaking, the benefit for rooting any android device phone outshine the disadvantages and besides, there aren’t any disadvantages in rooting an android phone other than the fact that you nullify your warranty benefit which I don’t see to be a disadvantage.

In conclusion, rooting an android device pay off leaving your device not rooted and stay under the surveillance of your android device manufacturer.

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