Top Messenger Apps For Android Smartphones

Posted on July 24, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

In Android Store you can find plenty of apps available for almost any utility. A significant problem with the pre-installed stock apps is that you are normally trapped with the same boring skin or theme that comes along with the stock apps. Here, we have eliminated the bad and highlighted the best messaging app that is available for the Android lovers. Along with some cool interface, they also come in handy when you are willing to send Group SMS. These are termed as the third-party messenger apps which also support text and video communications. Let’s see some of the best Messenger apps for Android in this Article.

Imo Instant Messenger

Imo Instant Messenger

If you’re looking for multi-protocol Instant Messaging, it’s hard to beat Imo.  It’s got an amazingly user-friendly style, easy-to-use sign in process, voice IMs support, and help for all well-known protocols. Imo allows you to talk on all your authorized IM accounts like Facebook Messenger, Skype, AIM, MSN and many more. Imo messenger is free and doesn’t price for SMS or minutes. You do need an online connection, over Wi-Fi or a 3G/EDGE data plan. Can handle group photo sharing, multimedia attachments and parallel sessions on different devices.


Trillian is a free, fast Android app which allows you to connect to IM and other social  media services simultaneously. Trillian can handle Google Talk, MySpace, AOL, Jabber, Yahoo and more. You can upgrade Facebook or MySpace, Tweets, Foursquare and LinkedIn at once and receive announcements and tweets from Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Trillian ensures security of your data as it is stored using AES security encryption. Great alternative to popular Yahoo Messenger that crashes very often. Uses less battery juice and pro edition offers more dedicated features.


Nimbuzz android

Formerly started as the cross-platform text chat app and voice call functionality was added to Nimbuzz at a later level, making it a popular choice among Android mobile users. Recent Nimbuzz updates permitted the app to support HD calling services as well. It implements peer-to-peer connection system, which doesn’t route your call through its own hosted servers, but ensures an instant connection between the two mobile devices. Therefore, Nimbuzz connections are faster and better. Nimbuzz also identifies a suitable connection WiFi or 3G for making HD phone calls.



One of the earliest and best Multi Messengers for Android is eBuddy. eBuddy has started as a simple web centered program and has progressed extremely over the last few years. This is a great app to IM your contacts on multiple chat networks. With eBuddy, you talk on multiple messengers like MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, ICQ, AIM, GTalk, Hyves & MySpace accounts at the same time. It’s easy to use interface, makes the eBuddy top choice for android users. eBuddy efficiently uses the battery power and it supports Android 2.2 or later versions only.



WhatsApp is considered a true cross-platform messenger application. These days, it is available on BlackBerry, Android, Windows and iOS. WhatsApp messenger allows users to have text conversations and share information among friends across various platforms. The benefit of picking this application is that it uses the mobile number of the user as an identity so that users need not go through a long signing up procedure but it requires both the users exchanging messages to have an account in whatsapp.

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