Is Apple Planning to Give a Thinner Screen to the iPhone 5?

Posted on July 24, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

With the release of Apple’s iPhone 5 fast approaching, rumor mills are working overtime. Every Apple iPhone release is laced with over-excited crowds thronging Apple stores, newspapers furiously reporting every little detail of the feature rich iPhone and gadget loving techies reading pages and pages of reviews. Speculation surrounding the release dates, the features, specs and the price of iPhone 5 is not different. And as usual, the company, notoriously famous for keeping secrets, is not giving details regarding iPhone 5.

For all of you waiting with bated breath for iPhone 5, there may be some interesting news coming your way. Reports in some of the top technology websites suggest that, iPhone 5 may sport a thinner screen. Wonder how? The present iPhone screen has 3 layers to it: the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen, capacitive touch sensors and a sheet of glass.

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Apple is planning to use the ‘in-cell’ technology in manufacturing iPhone 5 screen panels. In ‘In-cell’ technology, the touch sensors present in the screen are directly integrated into the LCD.  So, it becomes unnecessary to have a separate touch screen layer. With the reduction in the number of layers needed to produce a touch screen, the depth of the iPhone’s screen gets reduced. Without the touch screen layer, the phone’s screen is definitely about half a millimeter thin. By making the screen thinner, Apple can reduce the phone’s overall weight considerably.

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This next generation iPhone will not only be thinner but also lighter. The phones will also be able to accommodate more internal components and give way for a bigger battery. Japanese LCD makers are said to be currently producing these so-called in-cell technology enabled panels to be used in Apple’s iPhone 5.

Thanks to these advancements in LCD technology, the latest offering from Apple will have a thinner display and clearer image quality. This improved display technology will make on screen images appear brighter and vibrant.

Further, Apple could look at saving costs involved in procuring separate touch screen panels and LCD’s.  So, now you have an iPhone that is not only thinner, sleeker and light-weight but also has a large screen. Meanwhile, although we are hoping that the rumors are correct this time around, the suspense will be revealed only on the day of its much-awaited release.

Slim may definitely be in, in the case of iPhones from Apple.  You can be sure that this not the last of rumors and whispers coming out before the grand release of Apple’s iPhone 5.

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