10 Productive Ways To Use A 7-inch Android Tablet

Posted on July 20, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Android tablets has certainly evolved in a fast pace within just a few years after its inception. Today, Android tablets have improved a lot of its features such as the display, operating system, pixel density, and the size.

One of the latest and most important innovations is the creation of 7-inch Android tablets which catered to a group of people who are always on the go and could not afford the more expensive and bigger tablets. Many may think that they are inferior to those humungous tablets but there are certainly a lot of ways to make these smaller tablets work for you.

Without further ado, here are 10 productive ways to use a 7-inch Android tablet:

  • Read e-books with it – For being close to the size of a paperback book, a 7-inch Android tablet will be convenient to read ebooks with even for hours due to its handier structure.
Read Ebook

  • Use it as a mobile office – While bringing your 7-inch Android tablet on a coffee shop, mall, or grocery store, you don’t need to wait to get to your office desk to view a document that has just been submitted or to make some changes in your presentations.
office on tablet
  • Communicate with it – The internet allows various means of communications such as through emails, chat, video calls, voice calls, etc. While the bigger tablets allow these functions, 7-inch tablets can even do better with much convenience due to its smaller size.
email on tablet
  • Search for any information with it – Need to look for the nearest restaurant, the best gift idea for a loved one, the meaning of a certain word or the current exchange rate? Just pull your 7-inch Android out of your bag or purse and you will be on your way to getting answers with a few swipes on your 7-inch Android tablet’s screen.
  • Keep social – Every day, every hour and every minute, there will always be a new status update, image uploaded, video posted, tags of you in a photo, etc. from your list of friends. Be sure to be among the first to know and untag yourself from those embarrassing photos by checking out your social media accounts conveniently through your 7-inch Android tablet.
  • Capture memories – With the wide array of image and video enhancing apps just waiting for you to include in your collection of apps, you can easily capture apps with a much less conspicuous tablet.
  • Manage your finances – To help us get through with our salary and a wide array of necessary expenses, we need to keep track of our expenses and make a budget that we will stick to. And with a 7-inch Android tablet that we can always carry conveniently, we are always reminded of how much we have been shedding out for the week and the budget that we have to keep. We can also download financial management apps that we can get in the apps stores for free or minimal fee.
Finance on Tablet
  • Be healthy and fit – Keeping our body healthy and fit is just as important as taking care of the other aspects in our lives. Without a fit and healthy body, we won’t be able to do our work well, attend the needs of our kids and loved ones, etc. Searching for health and fitness tips is easy with a handy 7-inch Android tablet. Fitness and health apps can also be downloaded for an easier access to useful guides.
  • Be entertained – When taking a break from work, waiting in long lines, etc., our 7-inch Android tablets can save us from boredom with the downloaded games, videos, images, and even sounds.
Games in Tablet
  • Directional guide – With built-in navigation software such as GPS, AGPS, etc., your 7-inch Android tablet can be of great help for those who need some directions.
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