Windows 8 Speed: It’s Not About The Benchmarks

Posted on July 19, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

After the news about Windows 8 and its specifications, speculators are able to confirm their predictions and banish the wrong ones. We were also informed as to how amazing this new Windows operating system is as to its Metro user interface, speed, and much more. While there are a lot of news, reviews, blogs comparing the Windows 8 with its predecessor which is the Windows 7, some people may perceive the Windows 8 to be created with the primary purpose of upgrading from the Windows 7, with the features of the latter as Microsoft’s benchmark in forming the features to be included in Windows 8.

This perception is common upon releases of new versions of a certain device or operating system. The successor is always compared side by side with its earlier version. While it this is one of the best way to describe how a certain product has improved especially for those who knew very well about its earlier version, consumers should think that some manufacturers did not create a new product with the main goal of improving from the earlier version.

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In the case of Microsoft’s Windows 8, there’s no denying that it is much better than its predecessor which is the Windows 7, particularly when it comes to speed. But Microsoft’s aim for their latest operating system was not merely to have an upgrade from the Windows 7 operating system. It is a noble thing for anyone, even for an operating systems manufacturer to be motivated by surpassing its own achievements in excelling in a certain field but Microsoft certainly wants to be bigger by penetrating not just the PC but the iPad and smartphones arena with an amazing operating system that can be streamlined with these three devices mentioned.

Windows 8 UI

So how great really is Microsoft 8, apart from being the successor to Windows 7?

One of the most common improved features that you will find in reviews is its fast boot time and recovery from sleep mode. Although users may be doing these functions in the least instances as possible, it will save them from the annoyance of having to wait for a couple of seconds before resume to their computer task. Because with a Windows 8 powered PC, the computer should be ready to work as soon as you click the power button.

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The Metro interface is very much different from the usual Windows operating system which had the same style since 1995. It may even cause some disorientation to those who haven’t gone through the Windows 7 before experiencing the Windows 8. But this new interface has more usable functions. Even from the start-up menu, users can already get a couple of information by browsing through the tiles which will show the number of new emails, weather, etc. In addition to this, the amazing responsiveness and fluidity of the system is also second to none.

With these characteristics mentioned, users should have a brand new experience with their computers, particularly, when it comes to the speed of its operations.

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