Top Tips for Growing Your Guest Blogging Portfolio

Posted on July 19, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik
Why Guest Posting?

Guest posting is attractive for a number of different reasons, primarily as it becomes a “win-win” situation for those involved. Firstly, the blog owner is able to keep their blog fresh, up to date and filled with variable content, without having to take care of the constant updates themselves. This also makes the blog more attractive to both search engines and readers and can potentially open doors to additional streams of revenue.

For the writer, it gives them the opportunity to raise awareness of their own product and service, through the use of selected keywords and a backlink, usually in the author biography at the end of the text. This helps the SEO objectives of their own site while also showcasing their writing skills.

What are the best methods for getting yourself more guest posting gigs and potentially growing your revenue streams?

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Keeping Relevant

Guest postIf you can write quality content about events that are happening in the world, then straight away you are onto a winner. Someone who can put together a piece regarding a piece of news that broke yesterday will always be more attractive than the writer who can only provide generic prose that no-one can interact with.

If you build up your reputation for producing relevant content then editors around the world will come calling for your work.

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Be a Communicator

Guest BloggingIf you have aspirations to be a decent writer, then the chances are that you have some level of communication skills anyway, otherwise who would read your work? Get in touch with several blog owners to offer your guest posting services. However, and this is a big thing, make sure you have spent the time to understand the content and style of the website. If the website you have found is aimed at women who live in Ontario, Canada and have a large collection of Ugg boots, is that something you are going to be able to write about?

Ensure you can discuss the site with the owner and how you could enhance the blog, and always send an example of previous work, or even better, the link, to clearly demonstrate what you can do.

Know Where You Are Posting

Your great work will go unnoticed if you are posting to some obscure site that no-one visits. Look into sites that get huge numbers of visitors, or search “most popular guest blogs” on Google, to find sites that will allow you to get noticed quickly.

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