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Posted on July 23, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Everybody loves shopping, and now that Android smartphones are widely available, it is no surprise to see that more and more people are downloading apps that allow them to shop directly via their mobile or help them in saving money on the high street. There are literally thousands of shopping apps available for Android and to help you in finding the apps the best apps in Google Play; we have listed the top shopping apps for Android. Do let us know if you find a better one.


ebay Android

eBay is a great place to shop and pick up bargains on high street goods. Everything you can think of is available on the auction site and the Android app gives you full access to the site is a well laid-out and easy to use app. The eBay app syncs with your account to include your sale and purchase history and watch lists, it can also send you alerts when an item you are watching is ending, or when you have been outbid. Anyone with an eBay account needs this app.


ShopSavvy android

ShopSavvy has been termed as  “the original barcode scanner for Android” by Gizmodo. One of the best apps of its class. Helps you to find the best price for the item of your choice. All that you need to do is to just type in the item name or scan the barcode and you will be prsented with the stores in your vicinity that sells that particular product and all tells the price that they charge for it.  You can also go through the review to guide you with the purchasing activity or even add the product to the wishlist to buy it later on.



If you are a shopper who loves rewards and freebies, then this app is for you. Wondering how it works? Shopkick has got various partners. So once you walk in a partner store (for e.g. Target), the app detects where you are and rewards you “kickbucks” that are points which you have to collect so as to get it redeemed for a gift. You can redeem it anywhere hence making sure that you don’t have to travel much in order to get your freebie.

Myibidder Bid Sniper for eBay

Myibidder Bid Sniper for eBay

If you have the eBay app, then you may also want to download this clever little tool. We’ve been in the situation when we have thought we have landed ourselves a bargain on eBay, only to be outbid at the last second with no time to react. Myibidder is a Sniper app that can bid automatically on your behalf in the dying seconds of an auction, dramatically increasing your chances of winning.

Milo Local Shopping

Milo Local Shopping

Milo is an app [Currently supported only in the US] that comes your rescue when you visit the nearby grocery and find that the product which you wanted to buy is out of stock. This app helps you in finding stores nearby where you can find the similar product. All you need to do is to enter the keyword and Milos gives you the nearby shops and the stocks of the item that you need. You can also compare the prices in order to fetch the best deal.



OurGroceries is an app that allows you to make interactive shopping lists that can be shared across all smartphones in the household. If your weekly shop is a big one, then this app can be a great help, ensuring that you purchase everything you need without being moaned at by other members of the family for forgetting a specific item. The app will run smoothly on almost any Android phone, but the best performance will be on quad-core smartphones.



Ocado is a massive online supermarket used by millions of people. This mobile app gives you access to over 15,000 items, all organised into easy to access categories. The app is simple to use and makes the shopping experience and enjoyable one. It also takes away the stress of physically going to the supermarket on a weekend afternoon.

Egg Drop


EggDrop is quite different from its competitors. Although a shopping app, it not only manages to bring about the stores that stores the product which you need but also comes up with the list of your nearby houses who are looking to sell their product. This app also helps you in selling a product that you no longer need. All you need to do is to upload the image of your item for sale along with the price that you are expecting. You also get to chat with the buy using the messenger that comes in-built with this app. A perfect shopping app.



The Tesco online shopping website has become very popular online and the Android app gives you the opportunity to do your weekly shop on the go. The app allows you to do everything that can be done on the website, including: accessing your account, filling your online basket, and booking a delivery slot. You can also scan the barcodes of items in the home that you want to buy and add them to your basket – pretty nifty!

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