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Posted on July 14, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

As the popularity of Twitter is increasing rapidly, it is no wonder that people are now getting interested in learning ways to boost their twitter follower count. Increasing your twitter fan base is quite necessary in order to attract more visitors to your blog on a regular basis.

It is a common fact that unless you are a very well known person around your country or around the globe such as a famous idol, TV star or a sports person, it is a really challenging task for you to increase your twitter follower. This is where these 5 ways will help you out.

Twitter followers

  • The first thing that you need to do after creating the twitter account for your website/blog is to fill in all the details and your particulars that have been listed. Complete your profile. I guess hardly anyone would like checking out a profile which has got no identity whatsoever. The more descriptive you are about yourself more followers you can expect. Also try mentioning about the fields that you expertise in. Bragging a little about your small achievements too isn’t a bad idea.
  • Instead of going for the conventional way, you can try the other ways such as using tools to automatically increase the number of followers you have in Twitter. One such popular way is using software for increasing your targeted twitter follower. Thanks to the advent of softwares, now you can find special softwares that will help you increase your twitter follower automatically and many Internet marketers, online business companies and so forth are using these effective software. This is why it has been placed in the very first place of this list.
  • Another easy yet popular way of increasing your twitter follower without spending any money is by encouraging your followers to re-tweet your links and the more times your twitter user name gets re-tweeted id different places the higher the possibility of you getting more followers.
  • As people love quality content, when writing about the things you are passionate about and be unique and informative.  #hashtag the contents and you will find more followers. A really helpful content is picture. Pictures are re-tweeted by people like crazy and using them will make you have more followers.
  • Also, if you can then link your twitter account with your other social network accounts such as with your website, use it in your email signature, in LinkedIn, Facebook etc. and many of the people you know in that places will add you up and thus increase your follower number. If you still have not done so then do so as quickly as possible as you might be losing quite a handful number of followers for that.
  • The most helpful advice for you in this list would be to closely observe what the people having more followers that you tweet. Do some research and add people who have more followers and research on what type of contents are being loved by people and what type of content gets more response and get re-tweeted more often.
  • Tweeting a hell lot can be harmful. It is a understandable fact. If you keep tweeting about a hundred times a day, the followers feed list gets gutted with tweets hence there are less chances that your follower would be interested in reading that tweet or he may even remove you from his follower list.
  • Tweeting an article twice shouldn’t be a bad idea. In fact your blog would be visited by people from all around the globe. Hence, time zones would be different in all the parts. So there is every possibility that your tweet would not be seen by all your followers when you tweet it for the first time. Hence, if you think that one particular article is quite interesting or has got a catchy title which would be loved by your readers, then why not tweet it twice in order to make sure that every follower clicks on it.

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  1. Actually I didn’t get good amount of visitors from Twitter. I’ll apply your tips. thanks for share

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