Why Use Google+ Hangouts?

Posted on July 11, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Google’s new social network has been creating quite a buzz around these days. Google+, which was released in June 2011, is considered to be a dramatic rethinking of traditional social networking models. The excellent and unique features of Google+ are some of the key factors that this service owes to its popularity. One of the distinguishing features that make Google+ a choice for many, is the Google+ hangouts. The beauty of G+ hangout is that it provides you with inbuilt video conferencing capability whereby you can video chat with up to ten people privately or even conduct an “on air” broadcast. This function provides a business with a unique way of connecting with the customers and generating visibility.

Google Plus Hangouts

If you are looking forward to staying ahead of the competition in the business world, you can explore the possibility with Google+. Many businesses that are already using this service may be wondering what benefits they can get by using G+ hangouts. There are so many benefits that any a business can rip from this feature. To get started, you can create a hangout and invite others to join and see what they are sharing. You can also open useful hangouts and interact with the audience. It is possible to find some of the word’s most inspiring and creative minds on these hangouts who can inspire you in a huge way.

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Here are some of the great benefits that make Google+ hangouts more favorovable than the competitor services.

Company or brand announcement

G+ hangouts can be used for social media campaign such as product exhibitions testimonials and to house unique content which include competitions, user manuals,how-to guides and reviews among others. Hangouts are great social marketing tools. The on air feature of G+ hangout allows you to announce new brands in your business and upcoming events, therefore effectively creating brand recognition. This is more likely to be so, if you have already segmented your target audience by using Google Circles.

Convenient communication platform

Another great benefit is that G+ hangouts can be used as communication and interaction platform providing maximum exposure and engagement. Google+ hangouts provide complete flexibility when it comes to video communication. This means that it is possible to chat with clients or hold meetings with colleagues in another location. If it’s inconvenient for you to meet with your business partners or employees in person, then you can easily communicate to them and organize a meeting through the video conferencing feature.

Effective customer support

Customer service is very fundamental to any business. G+ hangouts can be used to as means of customer services. With Google+ hangouts, it is possible to respond to hundreds of comments and queries, face to face with the customers. Offering the best solution to the problems creates thorough customer satisfaction and helps build trust with your products. Most G+ users have responded favorably to the idea of hangouts as compared to the usual over the phone services.

Good feedback

With Google+ handouts, you can collect the company’s feedback, especially if you have launched a new product or service and you wish to know how it’s fairing in the market. You can also decide to include the customers in feedback sessions to give their opinions and discuss their experience with your products. This is a great way to impress the existing customers and entice prospective buyers.

Google+ hangout is an excellent feature especially if your goal is to get your business ahead of the competition.

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  1. Google plus hangouts,is effective in business.You can answer questions directly from your customers.It is a great tool in promoting your business.

  2. Google Plus Hangouts are great social marketing tools!I can talk to my clients online and I can respond to their concerns about my product.It is a great way of promoting and marketing products.

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