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Posted on July 11, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Contrary to popular belief, users will not have to wait for 2013 to see the new Windows Phone 8 device from Nokia. The Finnish company plans to unveil a range of Smartphones with Windows phone 8 by end of 2012. Probably this speeding up was prompted by severe criticism leveled against the company because the over 2 million Nokia Lumia 900 phones that were sold would not receive an upgrade to Windows Phone 8. This was especially bad news as it was touted that the flagship handset was the Lumia 900.

New Windows Phone 8

This brings to notice two things:

  • The pace of technological development in the mobile sector is very rapid
  • Increased fragmentation: new devices are not able to run the latest version of the software that operates them.

Microsoft argued that the new software would bring with it, a lot of improvement, and make the phone more user friendly than before, and a lot more added variety and depth.
Here are some of the exciting new features that will be available in Windows Phone 8:

  • New design for the Start Screen, incorporating resizable tiles
  • A new user interface named Metro
  • Download new apps from Zynga like Draw Something and Words with Friends
  • Panorama shots for the camera
  • Action Shot for moving image capture
  • Smart Group Shot lets you take amazing group pictures
  • Self timer
  • Wi-Fi tethering
  • Backwards compatibility for Windows Phone 7 apps
  • Improved capability for portable storage
  • Integration of the Nokia Maps feature
  • New focal payment point that will integrate NFC payments, coupon websites and loyalty cards
  • Integrated VoIP apps in the operating system’s core functions.
  • Flip to silence feature
  • Contact Share will let you share your contacts with your friends, through email or SMS.
  • Multi core processors are a possibility
  • Higher screen resolution display (1280×720, 1280×768)
  • NFC capability
  • Counters that will let you keep track of your phone usage; this will be especially helpful when you have a plan with data limits.
  • Play To will enable you to share photos, video and music with other DLNA enabled devices on your network.

Nokia’s Remote Device Access Service allows users to connect to a lot of Nokia hardware from within a browser window; some techies claim to have spotted a Nokia Lumia 901, and a Lumia 1001. But the company has yet to confirm that this is what they will be naming their Windows Phone 8 handset.

With everyone’s attention currently on Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S III, Nokia definitely will go the extra mile to grab attention and bring out a really special phone that will once again give them the market leader status.

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