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Posted on July 10, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

If you are looking for an application that would help you in optimizing, cleaning and repairing your PC in order to boost your system performance, Cloud System Booster Pro is the perfect tool for you. It is a powerful utility that helps you in cleaning & optimizing your PC adding to your system maintenance. The highlight of the product is the easy to use and one-click procedure to repair the registry errors and disable unneeded services.

You must have come across many such tools that promises you similar services but then just become a resource hogger and slows down your computer. But then the use of Cloud technology makes Cloud System Booster Pro a standout performer in its class. Many of you might wonder about how cloud has a role to play here.  It is quite simple. All the necessary actions takes place in the remote servers over the Internet instead of the PC. It is easy to use and comes with a really nice user interface.

As a part of the promotional activity, all the readers at Techarta now stand a chance to win a Free Copy of the Cloud System Booster Pro.

The 4 parts of the application has been listed as follows along with the tasks assigned to them:

A brief on how they go about their tasks:

Cleaner: This feature can be extensively used to clean up the webbrowser oriented files, other windows files, and software files that are not required for the normal functioning of the system. Other than the major ones, even the less recognized browsers are supported.

Repair: This section can be used to overcome the common file extension errors and registry errors.

Optimizer: The optimization section can be used to de-activate services, change the way windows start up, resource management or network. There are several tweaks in here which I haven’t come across in the other optimizers till date.

Application: This section is more or less similar to that of the cleaner but here the center of interest softwares and program based. The settings here also enables you to  configure the one-click boosting mode in detail in order to optimizes only those things which you would like.

You can also rollback the changes and the optimizations made and restore your PC to the point before the scan.

Key features of Cloud System Booster Pro:
  • Powerful Cleaner to Clean and Free up Disk: It scans entire system in a micro second and gives you the analytic data. It cleans the PC by several aspects that includes junk data on disk, registry, and more unneeded Windows files. Cloud System Booster’s engine is fast and powerful, and it scans deeply and thoroughly than traditional system cleaner and optimization tool.
  • Disable Unneeded Services and Optimize PC: By customizing which services are active and which are disabled, Cloud System Booster can optimize your computer to make it perform at its peak. It optimizes network connection to accelerate surfing speed and make internet speed run smoother.
  • One Click to Perform a Scan and Execute Through Cleaning and Fixing: Cleaning computers, fixing PC errors, and optimizing System are not difficult by the one-click solution provided by Anvisoft. After setting your own-defined scanning and cleaning or fixing modules, you can simply click the Boost button to execute completely PC cleaning, optimizing and repairing. It’s designed PC novices without thinking.
  • Typical Expert Mode for Professional PC Fix: If you are a tech professional, Cloud System Booster will also satisfy your requirements. Go to expert mode by clicking EXPERT button on the right corner, and select the module you want to scan, and also you could select or deselect items you want to scan in your system.
  • Change the Interface Skin: You will not miss this amazing function of Cloud System Booster. It’s nothing related to system optimization or cleaning function, but it is fun and easy to use yet really shines your eyes. You can select and make your favorite pictures to be the background or skin of Cloud System Booster. Automatically Boosts PC and Makes PC Run at a Peak
  • Performance: Automatically boosts PC when PC is idle in background. It also can care PC at a scheduled time automatically without disturbing your work. Schedule an appropriate time to perform the boost by your right choice, and you don’t need to execute it manually any more.
  • Online Cloud Database: Cloud System Booster allows you to download and install the latest onlinecloud database automatically or at a scheduled time. It keeps your PC running smoothly and efficiently with frequently updated online database.
Here is a comparision of the features present in the freeware and the pro versions of Cloud System Booster. The one on the left is that of the Cloud System Booster Free and those on the right highlight the features of Cloud System Booster Pro.

The Pro edition of the Cloud System Booster will cost you $ 19.98 for 1 year for a single PC, but here on Techarta you get to win a free copy of the Cloud System Booster Pro gain access to all the features. We are giving away some Genuine Cloud System Booster Pro License Keys for completely free of cost. It is an open contest. Anyone can take part in the contest. To participate in the giveaway, All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

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Winners will be selected randomly and would receive the licenses through their e-mails on 2nd of August which is the deadline for this Giveaway.  Good Luck. Also watch out for the cool giveaways in the near future.

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