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Posted on July 8, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

In spite of our best efforts to preserve our precious photos, alluring videos, and other invaluable multimedia files, we at times lose them. Sometimes corruption or unexpected formatting of the storage media like memory card of our camera occurs and we have to face the devastating situation of photo loss. Moreover, accidental deletion of photos is another largest cause responsible of losing photos and other multimedia files stored on our laptop, PC, USB drive, digital camera, or memory card.

As the Title Suggest, all Techarta users get a chance to win a License Key for the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software. The original licensed version of the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software will cost you $39.00! But now you stand a chance for all to win a free copy of the full version of the  software and gain access to all the features. We are giving away some Genuine Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Registration Keys for free of cost. It is an open contest. Anyone and everyone can participate. To participate in the giveaway, follow the instructions mentioned at the end of the article.

Our Ongoing Giveaway: Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 5 Review and Free Giveaways

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software comes as resolution to rescue all such situations. You need not be a tech savvy person or data recovery specialist to understand the working of this tool.  The Pro feature of the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software is that it helps you recover lost, deleted, or formatted photos, videos, audios, and other multimedia files from almost all kinds of internal and external storage devices including desktops, laptops, external hard drives, USB drives, digital cameras, and memory cards.


With the help of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software, you can make the stressful situation of losing precious photos as easygoing as anything. This well versed software has instructive user interface that guides you throughout the process of photo recovery and does not let you feel that you require any kind of technical knowledge or training of the product.

The undelete photo recovery software supports almost all major camera brands and various memory card types to recover deleted or lost photos and other multimedia files from them. This robust photo recovery tool supports various photo, video, and audio file formats. The software is available separately for Windows and Mac users and supports latest versions of both the operating systems.


With ‘Create Image’ feature of this software, you can create the image of your entire storage device or specific region of the storage media. This image can be used as backup to restore data in various cases of storage media corruption. The ‘Live Update Wizard’ of the software, runs automatically and checks for all the updates. Whereas, you can also see the preview of your recoverable photos one by one after scanning your storage device with this software.

create image of the selected region or whole volume

Simple Three Steps of Photo Recovery:

The software has easily understandable three steps photo recovery procedure. The Steps are as follows:

1. First select your affected storage device.

2. Start the scanning process

scan process

3. The recovered photos are ready to be saved at your desired location. In this way, with this tool you are just three steps (Select, Scan, and Save) away from recovering your photos. The user interface of the software is so intuitive that a user does not require being a data recovery expert or an IT expert to understand its working.

Recovery using Image

There is another method to recover the data by the process of creating the image of the selected region or whole volume. This method takes sector by sector image of the selected region. This is a useful method when your media has developed bad sectors. This image can be used later to recover the data.

create image of the selected region or whole volume

Recovery of Various Multimedia File Formats:

Whether you have lost your photos, videos, audios, or movies you need not worry as Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software supports recovery of various multimedia files. This advanced software supports almost all image file formats including JPEG, BMP, GIF, PSP, TIFF, etc. Additionally, recovers various video file formats such as MPEG, AVI, MP4, 3GP, etc. Various audio file formats supported by this tool are MIDI, MP3, AIFF, RA, RPS, AU, etc.

Supported Recoverable Devices:

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software supports almost all internal and external data storage devices such as desktop, laptop, external hard drive, USB drives, digital cameras, memory cards, pen drives, etc. This efficient software supports recovery of photos from almost all major brands of digital cameras. The tool supports Raw Recovery of pictures from various digital camera brands including Nikon, Samsung, Canon, Olympus, Kodak, etc. Moreover, this software supports recovery of lost photos from various types of memory cards such as it supports different types of SD cards (mini SD, Micro SD, SDHC), CF card, MMC card, etc.

Is Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software really that good?

If you have questions about the genuinity of the software, you can as well check out the review of the product on the Top 10 Reviews [The No.1 Site for Product Reviews]. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software has been rated as the Best Photo Recovery Software of the year 2012. The overall ratings that it received was a whooping 9.53 out of the 10 possible points.


No doubt Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery tool has really intuitive user interface with advanced ability to recover photos from any storage device, but its high price makes it less competitive with respect to other products of the same category.

Help & Support:

You can contact Stellar for any kind of support 24X5 i.e. 24 hours from Monday to Friday. The direct telephone support is available for US, UK, Australia, Asia Pacific, and the Netherlands. You also have world wide telephone number of Stellar support, as well as can contact and chat with the support via Skype. You can also post your customer or technical support query or search for the same on the Knowledgebase provided by the organization.

Now, to participate in the giveaway, all you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

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Winners will be selected randomly and would receive the licenses through their e-mails on 8th of August which is the deadline for this Giveaway.  Good Luck. Also watch out for the cool giveaways in the near future.

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  1. I have a couple of old 64MB SD cards from my younger days from which some photos cannot be pulled. I’d very much like if this software enabled me to recover those memories from high school.

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    • Abhay Jeet says

      Yes, off course. You can recover photos from your old SD card unless and until they don’t get overwritten. This software will successfully surface the lost, deleted or formatted photos, videos, emails from different type of storage media devices.

      Good Luck!!!

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  6. Is this still on?

    • No, The contest is over. We had to wait for a while until we received the license keys from the concerned dept. Hence we had to delay the closure of the contest.

      • Need a working key for v4. I need it badly. I have to recover deleted photos of my school club in my SD. I had the pictures copied in my laptop but then the laptop was stolen. Please please help. 🙁

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    Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software Free License

  9. I never got to know such a quick and advanced software which not only recovers my lost photos but also restores them to a specified destination in a very organized way!

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