Tips to Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Life

Posted on July 5, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Many of us techies are avid users of laptops. Wherever we go, we take our laptops with us. Be it in the coffee shop, on public transport or at the airport, our laptops allow us to connect to the internet and work on the move. But when we’re on the move, a mains power supply can be hard to find, so we rely on our battery to hold out for the duration.

As we know, this often doesn’t happen in practice and when we least want it to happen, the last few percent of battery depletes and we’re left stranded. Some people have batteries that just aren’t up to the job and they should be replaced, yet other people have perfectly good batteries, but don’t use them efficiently. As such, we’ve come up with some top tips to get the most from your battery.

Laptop Save Battery

Dim the Screen [Reduce Brightness, Increase Contrast]

You my be forgiven for thinking that it won’t make a difference, but it really does prolong your battery’s life if you dim the screen. Most modern laptops have the ability to control how brightly your screen is lit and, naturally, the brighter it is, the more power is being consumed. Dim it!

Here Dimming symbolizes reducing the Brightness. The screen backlight uses the majority of the power your laptop, so you can save battery to a good extent by turning down the brightness to the lowest level possible.

The LED-backlit screens in the notebooks are built in such a ways that they lose less energy while displaying black pixels than the colored ones. Hence increasing the contrast will help you do the same. It sets to show white and yellow text on a black background hence adding to the battery life.

Shortcut to enable High-Contrast mode in Windows 7:  Press [Left Shift + Left Alt + Print Screen] simultaneously. Click Yes on the confirmation message. The method for Turning off the High-Contrast mode is also the same.

Disconnect External Devices

iPods, USB sticks, external hard drives etc. are all powered by your laptop’s battery when they are connected. Sometimes we connect these devices without even thinking about it, but unless they are bsolutely essential, disconnect them and preserve your precious battery.

Turn off backlit keyboards

backlit keyboard

One of the merits of having a backlit keyboard is that it would help you figure out the keys in a dark atmosphere but not to forget that it also sucks out heavy amount of your laptop battery. Do turn it off when not required.

Empty the CD/DVD Drives

When not extracting or transferring data onto a CD or a DVD disk, make sure that remove them from the drive. A spinning disk sucks battery power to a very high extent.

In case you are working upon the data stored on a disk, its better that you copy/shift the data to the system first so that you are permitted to remove the disk from the drive hence Desist using the DVD/external drives while running on batteries.

Switch over to the basic or the Classic theme

There are people who stuff their notebooks with mods, gadgets and other themes for superb and pretty looks, but on the other side it uses pretty high resource. Switch over the the Classic theme whenever you are running on battery. It will help you.

Use Battery Saving Mode

Most laptops today give users the ability to use a power saving mode. This changes a number of settings in the operation of your laptop to ensure that it is running as efficiently as possible. If the option is there, use it and you could get significantly more life out of your battery. Check your user manual or online to find out how to activate this mode.

To change the Power Options, just go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options and opt for power saver.

You can also change the plan settings by clicking on the “Change plan Settings” link which takes you to another options page where you can change settings according to the way you use the notebook.

Another option that you could consider changing is in the Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options >System Settings. Change it according to your convenience. 

Keep the Battery Points Clean

When we’re on the move, we pick up dirt. The same goes for our laptops, but the dirt often works its way deep into the mechanism of the laptop. Take the battery out and ensure the connection points are clean. Clean points mean that electricity can pass efficiently, thus consuming less power overall.

The idea of Hibernate is better choice than putting the notebook to Sleep. Although Hibernation reserves a part of the disk space for itself, its worth it.

Work Less

You cannot expect to Play HD games on a unplugged laptop for too long. It consumes far too much energy compared to that of working on MS-word. Also make sure that you do not open too many tabs while surfing on the net. Opening too many tabs simultaneously just adds the resource usage and hence the battery usage

Switch off the Screensaver

Screensaver is another small thing that many of you might fail to notice. But it is important that you turn it OFF in order to save power.

More RAM, better performance

Having sufficient RAM helps in reducing the load on Virtual memory hence adding to the battery life.

Remove the Battery if not in use

In case you are not using laptop for some days, remove the battery and store it in a a cool place [or Room Temperature Atmosphere]. Also make sure that the charge in the battery is about 35-40%.

Switch OFF the Auto-updates and other Scheduled tasks

Turn off your Antivirus/ Internet Security auto-updates that run by itself on regular intervals looking for the latest virus definitions. Also switch off the Auto Windows updates [Apple updates in case of Mac]. These run without your consent and hog the battery when unplugged. Make sure they are switched off.

Keep It Cool

Laptops generate heat, which originates from the battery’s power. If you can keep your laptop cool, less strain will be put on the battery and you’ll get more life out of it. Make sure that air vents are clear and use a fan if necessary.

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