Best Android Apps for Business Professionals

Posted on June 29, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Android smartphones make it possible for business professionals to get work done without having to be in the office. Even if they are in the office there are applications that make it easy to stay organized and productive.

The five best Android apps for business professionals do not need to cost a lot for them to be of value. These useful apps have free versions but you may want to upgrade to the paid version to unlock all their powerful features.

Business Professionals

1. Documents To Go : Android

Documents To Go, developed by DataViz Inc., is the #1 selling office app on Android. It contains Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The free version allows the user to view files and attachments but you will need to purchase the paid version for $29.99 in order to create and edit files. Support for Google Docs is also provided.

There is a desktop application that allows files to be moved easily between a Windows PC and the phone via a USB cable. Edits made in one location are automatically synced, including the file formatting. Attachments can be sent and received easily by integrating not only with Gmail but other mail applications like RoadSync.

Documents to Go - Android

2. PrinterShare : Android

Now that you have documents created you may need to print them. That is where PrinterShare comes in. It allows you to print directly from your phone to a printer anywhere in the world. It also has NearbyPrinting which allows your phone to print directly to Wi-Fi printers on a network.

The app costs $12.95. Remote printing is unlimited and free. The data is sent securely over the Internet through the PrinterShare service.

PrinterShare Android

3. CamCard : Android

CamCard is a professional business card reader. There is a free trial to test it out but if you buy it will only set you back $2.99.

This application uses your phone’s camera to take a picture of a business card. The app is able to recognize the contact information and saves it to your address book, phone book, Gmail, Exchange account or in the card holder.

It is able to create, recognize and share QR codes. The cards can be exported to VCF or Excel files and shared by email, QR code or SMS.

The cardholder is password protected and is able to search, sort and group the cards. Notes can be added to the business cards and different card templates can be used or created.


4. Invoice2go : Android

Invoice2go has over 20 invoice styles to choose from for creating, previewing and emailing professional invoices. It also has the ability to bill, estimate, report and collect. If you install the desktop version you will be able to customize the templates.

A few of the invoices available are credit memos, purchase orders, estimates and many more. They can be emailed and have a PayPal button on the invoice for quick payments. They calculate totals and taxes and can be linked to your phone’s contacts. They make it easy to keep track of how much you are owed and customer payments. The cost of Invoice2go is $9.99.

Invoice2go Android App

5. SignMyPad Pro : Android

Need to get a signature? SignMyPad Pro uses paperless document transfer technology to get a PDF signature.

The process is simple. Just open a PDF file that needs a signature on your phone. SignMyPad enables it to be signed and viewed. It then saves and sends it without anything needing scanned or faxed. It even allows more signatures to be added to the document. An optional magnetic stylus makes it easy for clients to sign.

The documents can be loaded from DropBox or your email. It also allows for text to be added to the document. This app is useful for people in business such as real estate, finance, law or wherever a signature may be needed. The cost for SignMyPad Pro is $3.99. Business professionals with these five applications will be able to be out with the clients and complete sales all at the same time. For a small investment they will yield great returns.

SignMyPad Pro Android

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