The Cell Phone Tracking Software That is Worth It

Posted on June 28, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Cell phone tracking software apps are multiplying at a faster rate than the rabbits. Obviously many of them are fake, some might be average while might be a scam to make money. But there is one cell phone tracking software that sure is what you would expect cell phone tracking software to be- StealthGenie.

What StealthGenie Does That Others Don’t?

StealthGenie is a complete package that will cater to all monitoring, spying and tracking needs. So if you’re a parent or an employee or need to spy on someone’s smartphone, install StealthGenie cell phone tracking software on the target phone and experience cell phone tracking like never before. StealthGenie is exclusive as it is a 100% stealth, reliable and bug-free. You can install it on multiple devices under a single license. And above all, it costs you a mere $8 a month.

Cellphone Tracking

Get the Best features with StealthGenie:

StealthGenie cell phone tracking software gives you all the features you need for effective cell phone tracking. You can:

  • Read and redirect SMS
  • Check web history and e-mails
  • Record phone surroundings and calls
  • Check call history and contacts
  • View files etc.
  • Trace target phone and view location history
  • Trigger alerts for words, contacts and SIM card changes

StealthGenie is one cell phone tracking software that will totally satisfy all your spying needs. You can have a full check over your employees even when you’re out of town, you can check where your kids go when you’re not with them, you can first-hand knowledge about a meeting buy listening to the phone surroundings and certain trigger alerts can help you in very dynamic ways. You can also test the software through an online demo on StealthGenie’s official website.

So no matter if you’re a parent or an employee, you have been spying powers on 24/7 with StealthGeniecell phone tracking software. It lets you stay connected with your business and family and get to know them closely with this wonder cell phone tracking software.

There are far more ways this cell phone tracking software can help you, find one for yourself. Install StealthGenie cell phone tracking software and make life simpler!

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