How Has Gaming Changed In The Last 10 Years?

Posted on June 26, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Back in what was known as ‘The Golden Age Of Gaming‘ there was no such thing as a portable gaming device. The closest that you could get to a portable game was enjoying a game of Travel Scrabble on a long journey, but nowadays things are very different indeed. With the advances in technology and the miniaturisation of chips, hard drives and graphics processors, the ability to carry a huge amount of gaming power in a very small space is a reality that could only have been dreamed about two decades ago.

The ability to play games with other people used to be confined to joining your portable console to another player with a wire connected to their device. Now that we are able to access high speed internet from virtually any location, the need for wires has practically disappeared. Multiplayer games is a craze among 15-20 years old teenagers. As the PSP came in, almost every one has got one. But people tend to become more self-centred with such gadgets.


Because of the availability of high speed internet, a new kind of game has become incredibly popular, particularly on hand held devices such as the iPad. Games that simulate the experience of visiting a casino have seen a massive upsurge in demand as, all over the world, people try to capture the atmosphere of a real casino for themselves; wherever they may be. In fact computer games has changed the way people live.

Casino games such as Poker, Black Jack and Roulette are all readily available for the gamer on the go. Many of them are available through an internet browser, should the hardware offer the capability. Online Multiplayer sites such as are often easy to access and take little or no effort or background knowledge to play. Typically, online casino sites will be available through internet browsers such as those that you find on the iPad or any internet enabled smart phone. But for those of us who don’t own one of these devices there are still other options available.

Computer is a great tool. Undoubtedly the greatest.  But when I was young, I usually prefered to go out and play with my friends. Reason being simple – Technology was not advanced like it is today and the games in those days were more of command prompt oriented. Now majority of the kids prefer to while away their time sitting in front of the PC. Its not that I am wanting to forbid them to use it continuously for hours togethers. Its just that I want them to understand what they have missed in this process.

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