How Do I Recover Photos from a Corrupted Memory Card

Posted on June 26, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Memory card is an amazing tool to store documents/photos and allows you to share family or birthday pictures with anybody you want. Excluding benefits, the memory card will become the nightmare for users when it damaged or corrupted. Although, your photos can also become lost, deleted or modified due to various unavoidable facts such as accidental photo deletion, virus infection, HDD crash, human error etc.

Here are some of the most common reasons of memory card corruption and subsequent steps to fix as well as the methods to recover your precious photos.

Reasons behind Memory Card Corruption

You should aware with the following mishap of memory card corruption:

    • Detaching memory card while the system is performing any read/write operation on it
    • Improper shutdown or removing memory card when camera tries to save photo.
    • Using the card to store photos even the Camera batteries is low.
    • Formatting is performed on the system rather than on Camera.
    • Long time passed since formatting is done. Memory card required to be formatted on regular interval.
    • Continue to use memory card by shooting-deleting even when the memory is full.
    • Physical damages or Internal damages to memory card such as software corruption or
    • Keeping it in direct sunlight or hot temperature for a long time.


Recover files from memory card

How to Get Back Photos from Such Conditions:
In any of the above conditions, avoid using it as soon as possible, and take it away from the camera to stay away from data overwriting difficulties. Though, it is possible to use your memory card for further purposes but first, it requires complete formatting. Remember that formatting will erase all the currently stored photos or any other type of documents.

However, if the photos are of great importance or you can’t suffer to loose it, try using memory card recovery software which can efficiently bring back the deleted or inaccessible photos from the corrupted formatted memory card.

Memory card recovery software uses advanced and powerful mechanism to deeply scan any removable media either corrupted or formatted, and recovers them all back to your computer. Keep in mind that there is huge list of free recovery software are available but using them is a king of taking risk with all your precious photos. Freeware are less effective and couldn’t follow read only standards (as like paid card recovery software). So whenever you download and install any freeware to your system, there are high chances of overwriting the deleted photos.

Paid recovery software is much better than any freeware, always uses exhaustive scanning mechanism to scan and recover data without modifying the quality of images.

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