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Posted on June 25, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

 Was your website negatively affected by the Google Penguin update? You are not the only Internet marketer suffering, but you can be one of the few who recover after the fall and learn to ride the penguin in order to get back on the first position in SERPs. Previously I had posted an article on How to Fight Google Penguin Using Social Media Signals and about Google Deindexing Blogs with Paid and illegal spam links. Here are a few SEO strategies that will help you get back on your feet and not only learn from your first encountering with the Penguin, but also use it to your advantage:

Fight Google Penguin

  • Maintain the keyword density in the content you publish at a decent level – Many of the websites hit by the Penguin update were filled with content with a high keyword density. This is not a practice Google encourages and you can avoid it by using LSI words rather than repeating the keywords obsessively. The average density should not exceed 1.5%, but 1.0 is known to work very well.
  • Build high quality backlinks – Many of the fallen sites had a lot of poor quality links pointing to them, from obscure micro-niche sites. It is better to have fewer links of a higher quality (coming from websites with a high PR, in your niche), rather than to have many backlinks coming from websites Google despises.
  • Integrate new tools – There are numerous tools that can help you create backlinks and post original content, some of them working great with the social networks as well. The more your articles are shared, bookmarked or commented by people who use these networks, the higher the position of the site in SERPs is, so give these tools a try.
  • Put the user first – This strategy refers to the content of your site. It must be highly interesting and relevant for the targeted categories of people. Publish original, well researched, high quality articles to keep the visitors’ interest awake and gain their trust.

In time, you will discover other strategies that work after the Penguin update, but until then, follow the recommendations above and start fighting for your high spot in SERPS.

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This guest post has been written by James Murdo who runs http://endthesnoringforever.com/ where he tells how a snoring mouthpiece works.

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