How to Connect Your Computers Through LAN in Windows and Mac

Posted on June 26, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

At your home, you may have a desktop computer as well as a laptop. How can you transfer files from your desktop to your laptop? Sending emails to perform data transfer can be quite tedious and also it can be used to transfer large files. Another way you can transfer files is by copying files to your external hard drive or pen drive and then again copy that data on to your laptop. However, easier and hassle free to connect your desktop to your laptop is through LAN.

Setting up a Home Lan On Windows

1. Connect your internet modem to your desktop computer in order to create a home network. You can establish connection between your modem and computer through LAN or Wi-Fi. You need to go the Network and Sharing Center on your Windows 7 PC and there under ‘view your active networks’ you can select the network that you want to connect to. You will see options like Home Network, Work Network and Public Network.

2. On your desktop, prepare the files that you want to transfer to your laptop. For instance, you may want to transfer all your files and folders present in the ‘My Documents’ folder.

3. Right-click on the folder that you want to share (for example: right-click on My Documents) and then click on Share. You can then share your files on the Home Network. Also, you can choose with which computers you want to share. This option can be used if there are multiple computers on the network.

4. On your laptop, go to the Network and Sharing Center. You can go to your Home Network and then you will see your desktop listed in there. Double-clicking on it will let you see the folders and files that are available for sharing. If you have set a username and password, you may have to enter before you perform data transfer.

5. Lastly, you can copy the desktop files and folders that are present on network to your laptop.

Connecting Computers through LAN

Setting up a Home Lan On Mac

1. Connect your Mac PC to modem through LAN or Wi-Fi.

2. Click on the Apple icon and then go to ‘System Preferences’

3. Next, you need to prepare the files that you want to share. Go to the View menu and from there you need click on Sharing.

4. In the Shared Folders window, you need to click on the plus sign which will allow browsing to the files and folders that you want to share. Add folders and assign the other users if any that can access those files and folders.

5. Perform the steps 1 to 4 on your Mac laptop. Your laptop will then be connected to the home network. All you need to do is from the Finder sidebar you need to access the files and folders that are available on the network.

6. You can then use the drag and drop method or copy and paste to perform files transfer between your Mac PC and laptop.

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