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Posted on June 21, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Today PDFJPG.com has begun a 10-Day  Giveaway for the their product “PDF To JPG”.  PDF To JPG is an application that allows you to convertPDF files to many formats including JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG, GIF images. With the converter, the users can convert PDF to JPG in page range and set the output image DPI. This converter tool even has page break customization and batch mode customization along with output customization.

The product can be downloaded from here

The Serial Key for the product is : 8HRDUOG0WV8Q963 [The Giveaway closes on July 1st, 2012.]



There are many advantages of converting a PDF file into a JPG file. One of the primary advantages of doing so is that the JPG conversion supports multiple document conversion and this format also improves the data accessibility to a great deal. A PDF application is one, which is portable and compatible in nature as the very name suggests. Unlimited amounts of images can be stored in the PDF format. When the graphics or images are converted from PDF format to JPG format it gives a user with a certain capability to keep the quality and original formatting of the images and graphics as intact as well as secure and safe as possible.

How to begin the Conversion process?
  • Add PDF documents you would like to convert
  • You can set the Set Page Range, DPI and the Output Path according to your convenience.
  • Click the Start Converting Now button to start the conversion

PDF To JPG also lets users convert PDF documents to TIF, BMP, PNG and GIF image formats. So that users can use the result images for different needs.

This giveaway is 100% free, and hence no functional limitation.

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