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Posted on June 18, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

For many people, the lack of growth in their respective profession is one of the reasons why they feel burned out. This can happen regardless if you work in an office based-setting or an online-based setting. It’s inherent for humans to come up with the next brilliant idea, constantly looking for inspiration that could increase profits and improve their craft, which is why we often try to learn new skills and in the case of internet marketers, why they joins forums. The same can be said for web developers who join developer forums.

Joining a development forum is not only fun, it also helps people share ideas, market their services, give advice and tips or simply to find an answer to a problem, straight from the forum experts themselves. Joining a network filled with forward-thinking individuals will not only help you learn new techniques or discover great software for website creation, you can also build lasting relationships with like-minded individuals who are willing to share their knowledge to you, among other things.

Still not convinced? Here’s reasons why you should consider joining a development forum:

Same Interest

Joining a group of like-minded individuals opens a floodway of information you might not otherwise get from a simple web search on your own. For instance, joining web forums meant getting an endless stream of professional output. You can bounce ideas around and even get feedbacks from trusted forum experts. These development forum experts could see something from an experienced angle, which you might have overlooked. This could save you from overspending, some major head scratching, and a lot of grief.

Get New Ideas

You will never be stuck on the same old ideas when you join a development forum because you get a steady stream of tips, ideas, pointers and techniques that will foster growth. Imagine pooling together the resources of your forum buddiess to help find solution to problems, share strategies, and even testaments to success stories. Best of all, you get all these for free.

Gain new ideas

Cheap Membership

Most development forums offer very cheap memberships because they want to grow their network as quickly as possible. Joining a members only developer forum will cost you anywhere from two to four figures, which is very reasonable if you think about the knowledge you gain from joining such groups.

Personal Developmental Relationship

Most of you are a newbie when you join any forum. You might be in need of help – either Financially or needing a resource. That is the time when you should look for someone to anchor you, someone who can be your mentor. You can get along with a professional and learn a lot from him. He can teach you a lot of things. Ultimately its you, who shouldn’t disappoint him. If so, your relation with him might take another route and you might not get to interact with him anymore.

Networking Opportunities

What’s joining a group without a little networking, right? Joining a development forum can help expand your business and expose it to experts and newbies alike via word of mouth marketing, which is considered as the Holy Grail of internet marketing as well as through referrals and sponsored events. The more people you interact with, the higher the chances of your businesses being exposed to other people. It’s much easier to land a profitable account when someone in your niche puts in a good word for you.

Building Good Relation

Building Lasting Business Relationships

This is the cherry that tops the cake, apart from gaining expertise from veterans in your industry and sharing common interest, joining a forums helps you build better and lasting business relationships with people you like.

Drive Traffic towards your Blog

There are quite a few ways using which you can attract people towards your blog from these developer forums. You could create your own signature where you can include your blog URL along with your social networking IDs. You can also brief people about the works that you do on your blog/website by which you can make at least a few of them visit it. Like I mentioned above, building relations with the other members in the forums will make them accept that you’re an authority by which you will get be benefited in one or the other way.

Some of the best Development & Freelance Forums

  • forums.devshed.com
  • www.sitepoint.com/forums
  • forums.digitalpoint.com
  • wjunction.com
  • www.sitepoint.com/forums
  • phpfreaks.com/forums
  • forum.deviantart.com

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