Mercedes-Benz Announce iPhone 4S Integration on the Class A Model

Posted on June 17, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Mercedes-Benz has announced its intention to integrate even more iPhone 4S capability and compatibility into the cockpit of its next model, the Mercedes-Benz Class A.  As a result, it will be possible to control the on-board computer by voice, using the Siri technology. This is exactly what all fans of this innovation have been waiting for and gives drivers even more reason to buy this new vehicle model.

You Can be Just Like David Hasselhoff from Knight Rider

You will of course remember, that this type of technology first aired in the 1990s, when David Hasselhoff drove a black Pontiac, named KITT in Knight Rider – voice activation was a true marvel of technology back in the day, and now you could almost be like him – well not quite, but you get the gist!

The German Mercedes vehicle brand has planned to update the COMAND GPS Navigation system in the next Class model A too.  With both of the applications running in tandem, Digital Drive Style and the More Drive Kit for iPhone, the driver can even access the contents of their smart phone on the computer of the vehicle and thus manage all in-built functionality, including iTunes, Facebook (as announced at the CES 2012 expo) or even get social with Twitter.

iphone Siri Integrated Mercedes benz

Check for Traffic Jams and Never Lose Your Car

Thanks to these latest applications, an interaction between the in-built Garmin GPS navigation system and the mobile terminal will let the driver know in real-time what the traffic conditions are on the road ahead.  You will also be able to tell the GPS and Mercedes-Benz Navigation System exactly where you want to go.  Simply say “Navigate” and then you can tell it business addresses, cities, towns, place names, and zip codes and confirm your next destination.  Another awesome aspect is the fact that if the owner of the Mercedes-Benz Class A has lost his car in a parking lot, he can easily find it by using his smartphone.

Voice Command Lets You Activate Many Different Functions

Using the Siri platform and your iPhone you send messages, select music, check the weather or organize your schedule while keeping both hands on the wheel using the voice command technology.  It won’t just stop with the Mercedes-Benz Class A though, as this innovation will be integrated in the other higher end models of Mercedes-Benz including Class B, C and E over the next few years.

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