Different Web Designs & Their Impact on Traffic

Posted on June 16, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

There are many qualities of a website or blog that impacts its traffic, visibility, revenue and much more, but its design is one with the most importance. Although what you have in your blog, like content and links, are significant as well, it’s the design that often gives visitors their first impression of your website or blog. The web design of the site will depend on your personal preference and how it fits with the niche you have chosen. There are various web designs and each design will yield different traffic results.

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Simple yet Effective

This is probably a design that is most useful to new site owners as it is easy to do and manage. Also, with a new site, you may want to focus more on writing quality content then the web design itself, so keeping things simple could lead to upfront success for your site. Simplicity isn’t laziness, which is what a lot of web designers think, but it is actually the complete opposite. With a simple design, your ability to be effective in what you have to offer and say is great. Readers are more likely to follow your website or blog when they are able to fully focus on what it offers instead of a confusing design.


A modern design can be interpreted in many different ways and is usually based on the site owner’s personal style. It could be a mix between simple and classic, but most modern designs have one common element and that is usability. Much like a simple design, a modern look-and-feel is designed so that the user’s experience is mainstreamed and not confusing at all.  Modern designs often use colors that aren’t loud so that the important information found on your site is given the chance to stand out in a good way. Whenever users are able to go to a specific topic or category with ease, your traffic will boost and your audience will grow bigger.

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These types of designs are for experienced site owners who at least know what works for their site through trial and error. Classic designs are timeless and never go out of trend. Usually, site owners will use a classic theme to show visitors that their site has been around for a long time or at least give off that impression. Visitors are more likely to come back to a site with a classic design because it often resembles other sites and people like consistency. It may sound like a strange concept, but it’s true. If you’re a new site owner and you want to start your site out with a classic design, do research and see what other sites that specialize in your niche use, like the colors, lines and overall layout, so that you can improve your visibility.

All of these web designs may sound alike, but they differ in so many ways. One single color, line or layout could determine the success of your website or blog. Traffic is the number one quality about a site or blog to perfect because it relates to revenue, but if you focus on how your site looks and what its content are on a constant basis, then you are in the clear because you’ll always stay on top of the changing trends.

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