How To Help Your Business In Hard Economic Times Using Social Media

Posted on June 16, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Many businesses are struggling through the economic crisis, but using free tools such as social media can give your business an edge and help the business grow stronger despite the tough times. It is important to use Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to your advantage as much as possible. These social media outlets are great tools for connecting with customers, getting your company name to more people and finding out what people are saying about your company.

Connect With Customers

Facebook and Twitter are great sites for creating relationships with customers. They allow you the opportunity to chat with customers in real time and find out what their needs are. If you are not already on Facebook, it is a good idea to start a personal page first and connect with everyone you know. The next step is to create a business page and ask the people on your personal page to ‘like’ your business page. Their friends will see your business on their walls and you may gain customers simply by creating the page.

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It is important to post regular status updates on your business page, but try not to post more than once per day unless an important event is happening. Customers and people who are interested in your business want to know about new products and services you are offering, read reviews written about your customers and they also want to connect with you. It is a good idea to share general information about your life so that customers feel like they know you, but avoid sharing too much personal information on your business page.

Help your online businessMaximize Your Online Visibility

Many businesses are finding themselves short on money to spend on marketing to new customers because of the down economy. Online marketing for your website is a great way to gain exposure without spending a large amount of money. Start by searching for businesses like yours using a standard search engine like Google. The search terms should involve the type of product or service you supply and your location. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest give your company more chances to show up in search engines when phrases relevant to your business are searched for. With social media, companies no longer have to rely solely on search engines in order to gain exposure and visibility online. This is a huge plus.

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Share Pictures and Videos

Facebook allows businesses to embed YouTube videos into their status updates. This is a great way for you to showcase how your products work or how people use your products. You can also create a slideshow or tape a commercial for your company and upload it onto YouTube for all of your customers and fans to see. Commercials on radio and television are very expensive, but it is free to upload your video on YouTube and link it to your Facebook profile. You may even want to make your videos and certain other content invisible to people who haven’t liked your page to entice people who are friends with your friends to like the page, increasing the amount of people who see your company’s information.

Create a Conversation

One of the most important aspects of social media is the ability to communicate with thousands of people for free. You may not have the marketing budget to send fliers to thousands of people, but you can post advertising photos on your Facebook wall or share them on Pinterest and people will still see them. Sharing information about your industry periodically is a great plan because it establishes you as an authority in your field. It may also get you more customers because most people don’t share advertising with their friends, but they will like and share interesting information that you have posted.

It is also a good idea to post questions that are related to your field for your customers to answer. People who like your page may not post comments on their own, but they will post an answer to a question you have asked everyone. People who love your products or services are likely to share them with their friends. It is a good idea to add a box to your Facebook page reminding customers to invite their friends to like your page. Most people will only invite friends to your page if it is easy for them to do so.

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Have Personality

One issue that many companies have when starting out with social media marketing is being different than their competitors. It is especially important to be unique when posting on Twitter because most people barely glance at each tweet and will ignore tweets that sound generic. Social media is all about conversation, and it is very important to be respectful of others, but also have a personality that attracts attention. Knowing your audience is a good idea because conversations that are acceptable for people who market bands or sell beer are usually not appropriate for business owners who sell organic clothing for babies and toddlers.

Be Involved

Even if the economic downturn has left your business with little operating money, one thing you probably have is time. Marketing on social media websites can take a great deal of time. People feel ignored if you don’t respond to their questions or posts quickly, so try to check every few hours during the day and respond to anyone who has posted on your wall or sent you a private message on Facebook. Tweets tend to get buried quickly, so try to respond to anything on Twitter that concerns your business as soon as possible.

Marketing is one of the most difficult parts of running a business for many people. Most businesses don’t have money to spend on marketing because of the economy, but spending time can net you just as many new customers and increase your sales as much as spending money. Making connections with customers is key. They should feel like you’re a friend who is knowledgeable about your industry. It is smart to share information about new products and services being offered by your company, but the conversation should be about more than advertising if you want people to keep reading your posts.

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