How to Fight Google Penguin Using Social Media Signals

Posted on June 14, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Was Google penguin just another update from Google? No, it almost bankrupted many hardcore SEC) analysts and webmasters to take away the superiority SEO and back linking had in the process of building traffic and domain authority. As per the views of Matt Cutts, official face of Google likes the White hat SEO, techniques which comes more in tune with the social media signals than the strategy of building high number of back links.

You must understand that Google considered back links to be an authoritative figure only because their algorithm considered those back links to be a vote of recommendation to the search engines. But take a picture of the normal Facebook user or a twitter crazy guy; he would never know what a back link is. Does that mean he can never recommend anything like this content is awesome to the search engines’? That used to be the case till now. But right now, with the Google penguin update coming to the fore, the social media signals are counted like anything. so right now, it is no the time for you to build back links, it is time for you to brush up your social face and have more social interaction with the common people and increase the user experience for them.

Fight Google Penguin

Here are the tips for you on how to fight Google penguin using social media signals

1. Create a Facebook fan page for your website/blog. Start interacting with your fans and followers through your Facebook page and keep on trying to get new followers who like the niche or topic. Such fans or followers will really help you to increase your visibility in the market.

Embed the Facebook fan page on your site and literally ask your visitors to like your Facebook fan page.

2. Create a Google plus page this one has high consideration in the manipulation of the Google search engine results. If you have a Google plus fan who recommends one of your content, then you can be assured that all of his friends would see his recommendation in the Google results.

Creating a Google plus page is simple and just like Facebook page, embeds it on your site and asks your visitors to +1 the post and follow the page.

3. Increase relevant twitter followers increasing relevant twitter followers really help you to get your traffic sore. Do not just go with increasing the number of followers. But make it a point to get retweets from the authorities in your niche. That can do wonders.

Also embed the twitter follow button on your site and ask your visitors to follow you on twitter as most of the visitors of your site would have some kind of interest on your niche.

4. Start pinning your photos on Pinterest The new trend of social media marketing is not to be ignored. It would do wonders if you can build a base in the Pinterest with your unique pictures.

5. Start using Google +1 metrics i the Google webmaster tools more often Google has an internal policy of promoting their own products over the other products. Same is true with the Google webmaster tools. You can see more often in the coming future that Google +1 metrics and recommendations in the Google webmaster tools will have an impact on the upcoming Google updates. So be prepared for that.

That was the basic tips for you to fight Google penguin using social media signals.

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