Which Is Better: Samsung Galaxy S2 or iPhone 4S?

Posted on June 11, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

If you are thinking about purchasing a smartphone but are not able to decide whether to purchase Samsung Galaxy S2 or the iPhone 4S, the comparative analysis we will provide here will help you make the right decision.

We will look at few basic things such as Design, Display, Processor, Operating System, Camera and Price to judge which one of the two performs better than the other. It is interesting to see how these 2 fierce competitors fare in terms of features.

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iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S2



If we look at the screen, Samsung Galaxy S2 boasts a much wider 4.3 inch screen, as opposed to only 3.5 inch for the iPhone 4S. Secondly, the Samsung phone is a lot more thinner than the iPhone at 8.49mm. However, while gazing at the screen is more comfortable in the Samsung – as it is larger than the iPhone – in terms of the design the iPhone looks and feels more advanced to the Samsung Galaxy S2.


In comparison of display we see that iPhone 4S has got pixel resolution which is better than that of Samsung phone at 640X960 while Samsung Galaxy has resolution of 480X800. Obviously, this means the pixel density is much higher in the iPhone (that’s 330 ppi while in Samsung Galaxy it is 217 ppi.

There are several other features in iPhone which are not available in Samsung Galaxy S2 such as retina display, Gorilla glass surface which is scratch resistant and prevention of greasy smudges on the screen with the use of oleophobic properties. On the other hand Samsung phone has sharper images because of the screen technology known as Amoled Plus. But overall in display features it’s reasonable to say the iPhone is ahead of Samsung Galaxy.


The Galaxy S2 comes with an 8-MP camera with LED flash that is built for recording a 1080p video footage similar to the iPhone 4s. This was one feature that was not implemented by Apple in the iPhone 4. However its successor has managed to live up to their reputation.


The processor in Samsung Galaxy S2 is better than the iPhone one and is much faster. The Samsung phone has dual core processor, which is ARM Cortex and 1.2 GHz of speed while iPhone has a modest 1 GHz processor. In Galaxy S2 the pages as well as applications load very quickly which is not always the case in the iPhone – despite the superb graphical acceleration tricks used in Apples’s phone.

Operating System

iPhone’s iOS5 is very fluid and delivers an astounding user experience; as of Android 2.3 release, the Samsung phone was not up to the mark and lacked several features such as looks & feel plus functionality of the browser. But the scales have tipped ever since – after the highly-accomplished Android 4.0 ICS was released with its easy one-click upgrade from the previous version.

The newest Android OS is totally changed and some of the positive changes are visible in its interface and browser features among other modifications. In general, the new Android 4.0 based Samsung Galaxy S2 actually wins over the iPhone iOS in terms of operating system functionality and performance.

A Final Note

Thus it is clear that there are different features in which one phone is better than the other and it basically boils down to the preference a person has in terms of what features he or she likes. In terms of cost, the iPhone 4S will cost you more than the Samsung Galaxy S2, so it will also depend on how much you are ready to spend.

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