Social Link Building Opportunities to Improve SEO Rankings

Posted on June 9, 2012 by John Lessnau

The social media rave continues to grow by leaps and bounds. There is plenty for you to gain by participating in social media, but this is one small component of social link building. The value of the link you receive can greatly vary. One link can be worth hundreds of times more than the next link is. However, it is also harder to get those valuable links. In other words, the more valuable a link might be the scarcer it will be to get that link.

The social landscape isn’t really all that much different. There are going to be certain relationships that will be more valuable than other relationships. For example, every customer is valuable to your business; however, having a relationship with a marketing person who is able to ensure your message gets streamed to millions of potentially new customers increases the value of that one person. As with higher valued social links, there are fewer of these higher value relationships.


Now that you have a basic understanding of the social linking and relevancy let’s have a look at four different kinds of social activity that can play a key role in your relationship development and link building.

  • Facebook: The Facebook audience is massive. As a result, it creates an endless number of opportunities. You can build a relationship with people you know already, or if you create a fan page, you can create a relationship with those that know you, even though you don’t know them. If you are trying to develop relationships with others Facebook is a very impersonal environment.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn offers tons of opportunities for you to develop and expand your relationships. When you have connected with a person on LinkedIn, you are able to send an InMail. If you want you can sign up for LinkedIn’s paid services, which will let you send InMails to those you are already connected to. This is an excellent way to reach people because the rate of InMail messages read is very high.
  • Twitter: Twitter is another excellent way to take advantage of social links. One of the reasons for Twitter’s popularity is simply that the messages are short and to the point much like text messaging. You can quickly develop connections with others using social linking.
  • Blogging:  Blogging is also a social activity and has become extremely popular with millions creating blogs and following blogs. The reader interacts with comments left and this is also how you can use your social linking strategy on a blog. When you post your comment, you include a link. You can post on an endless number of targeted blogs so you can see how you can grow your followers and potential customers.
  • Google Plus:Another Social networking Platform by Google after the not so successful campaign of Orkut. Google+ is here to stay. Already so far, the author thumbnails on the Google search for their respective blogs have been a great success and webmasters need to cash in on more opportunities available to them through their Google Plus page.
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One of the benefits to social linking is that you can establish one way back links with far less work than with older linking strategies. You can also easily target your traffic to ensure the links you are building are relevant. Social linking is a powerful tool and when used correctly can help you climb the ranks of the social engines. Don’t forget to include the latest SEO tool in your arsenal.

Successful website has an SEO strategy in place that includes things like back linking strategies and keyword strategies, but until recently, social links were not part of most SEO strategies. If you have not yet incorporated social links or social signals, it is time you did.

When it comes to SEO, back link strategies may be taking a back seat next to social links. In fact, many SEO gurus will tell you your time is best spent on a social links strategy. But is that true? Read on for all the answers to your questions.

Recent Google Algorithm Changes Impacting Back Links and Social Links

Back links are still important and you must continue to build your back links. The more frequently your site is linked to from an authoritative site the more relevant it is, and the more the search engines will take notice. The same applies in social links.

Let’s look at strategies to build solid SEO social links:

  1. Social links include Twitter tweets and retweets; Facebook likes and shares; and Google + to name the most popular. Of course, there are tons of other social sites.
  2. Social signals make up about 10% of both Bing and Google search algorithms, and this is going to continue to increase over time.
  3. Even if you are company isn’t completely embracing their social networking, it still sends out social signals to Google. What is the volume of social links you send out monthly?
  4. Your company publishes content in Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+. Now let’s pretend that Forbes retweets what you post. That would send a huge social link that tells Google that authoritative and trusted sources feel your content is relevant. That’s going to significantly improve your search engine ranking.
  5. It is important that understand your competitors volume of social links, and what you will have to do to surpass your competition.
Building a Social Signal Strategy

To build a social link strategy you need to start with a content strategy where you are continuously publishing content into your social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Your SEO strategy is only as strong as your content. If you don’t have the content, you will not be able to carry out your social signal strategy.

Content you can use includes press releases, blogs, case studies, research, videos, webinars, news, etc. Think about what content your company already publishes, and you currently socialize this content. Then think about how you can socialize that content successfully. Here are 7steps to generate social links using your content.

  1. Begins with a story that is newsworthy. Issue a press release on it. For example, a new study shows your product line is adding additional products.
  2. In that press release, make sure that you include adequate back links to your site.
  3. Use sites like Marketwire, PRWeb, Businesswire, etc to issue your press release. If you do your press release correctly, you will get picked up by these online new sources, which will in term increase your back links exponentially.
  4. Make sure that there are social icons on your press realize so that visitors are able to socialize with it.
  5. Take that content and then publish it on social media sites.
  6. Now you need to ask trusted partners if they can help get things moving by liking, sharing, retweeting, etc.
  7. After a few days go by publish a blog post either written or in video format, which is an extract of your content. Make sure you provide sufficient opportunities for viewers to socialize your content.

There you have it – the social media SEO strategy that will have your ranking better in the search engines.

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