Three Simple Ways to Get your Blogs a Better Ranking

Posted on June 8, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

To give your blog a head start to get better rankings it’s necessary to write creatively, write something you enjoy writing so your readers would enjoy reading. This business of blogging can be both fun to do and financially rewarding though you need to know how to go about it first. After all regardless of what you write about the only way it will have any impact to anything is if it reaches the right people. Though many bloggers have no idea about how to correctly manage their work so it shows up where it is suppose to however the purpose of this article is not to teach you how to format articles, make us of keywords the link building process and so on. In fact other than this there are a number of things you want to do in your writing to make it better. You may be a great writer and have good content but if you are optimizing your blogs the wrong way, all that is going down the drain. Here are three tips that is going to help you:

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1. Respond to questions through your posts

The first thing you would want to do is do your homework, research know what is going on online. If you listen to the people that you are aiming to attract through your writing you’ll find out a whole lot of things which would attract them. For instance if you go around on forums and other places where people are interacting you can find problems and questions which people are most concerned about. Use these same questions in your headlines. By doing so you’re automatically attracting the right sort of clientele, organic visitors who are visiting your page for a reason which to them is sensible. Let Google spider take care of the ranking and indexing, you know the right people are headed your way.

2. Make your posts entertaining

There are many writers out there who are absolutely loaded with knowledge and information about nearly all the problems that people are posting on their pages, though this not insure that they will be able to solve those peoples’ problems. Simply because no one wants information barked out at them, your readers won’t enjoy reading if they aren’t relaxed and like what they are reviewing. For the same reason if they aren’t having a good time on your blog it is highly unlikely that your high grade and quality information is to make any difference to them as they will not learn from it, not in a serious state of mind. Through in some humor add some life to the article, make the reader feel comfy so they can learn more and with greater ease. As people are spending more time on your page, it’s taking your ranking higher up on search engines.

3. Let your post be focused and complete in one direction

It is most important for your article to be engaging to the reader, while reading they should be submersed in your writing, understanding and enjoying what you have to say; resultantly they will also be more likely to post on your page. This can be done if you shift your focus to one specific matter, rather than spreading it all over the place and trying to manage a variety of things. By addressing multiple issues you are likely to go astray. Rather consider putting your article into a series or break it into parts so that each part on its own is highly informative and a fun read. This will also make it easier for people looking for specific things to pick up one part of a series rather than having to go through the entire post.

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