The Benefits of Online Software to your Business

Posted on June 7, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Of late, consumer-based technology is willingly available for everyone to use. Software is a fundamental part of many businesses but the high costs involved and the specialist knowledge that can be required to set up and maintain an IT network makes it an unwanted necessity. However, there is an alternative. Using online software available through cloud computing is simple, quick and costs less.  Of course, it involve challenges, but we need to look at as something from which we can gain profit.

Cheaper software

One of the biggest benefits of using online software for businesses is that it cuts costs – and it’s basic sense that the less money you spend the more profit you make. Running your business online ensures that you won’t have to stump out for expensive equipment like software servers or the associated cost of increased electricity bills. The fact that you also won’t need to dedicate space to this equipment means you can reduce your rent or improve your productivity.

Software on the go

Employees are always on the move – meeting clients or attending conferences for example – but if businesses have all their software and storage housed on-site productivity can be lost. Using online software makes it easy for employees to work from home or on the road; all that’s needed is an internet connection. Being able to allow staff to work from home when appropriate – if they need to look after a child home from school sick for example – suddenly let you run a company that can respond to your employees’ needs. They’re bound to appreciate this, increasing morale and ultimately benefiting your business.

Is online software safe?

Of course, there is one thing about cloud computing and online software that makes some businesses really nervous – you’re trusting a third party with all of that important and sensitive data. It’s perfectly legitimate for businesses to ask questions about what should happen if their service provider went bust or how often data backups are made. These are questions service providers will be happy to answer – they’ll also usually reassure you with guarantees.

Taking the softly, softly online software approach

The fact is that not using online software also comes with its own risks. When thought about rationally, however, it becomes clear that for a lot of businesses, especially small ones, the potential risks associated with online software are dwarfed by the benefits. The fact that you don’t need to take a giant leap of faith – you can just choose to trial a single piece of online software – means you can easily find out the benefits of this approach for yourself.

This post was written by software testing expert, Tre Gillham. Tre loves to blog about anything tech-related.

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