Google Recreates the Ramayana in HTML5

Posted on June 3, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

In the current era of digitalization, Google Indonesia, as a part of a Chrome experiment have launched Ramayana that remakes the story of the Original Ramayana. But as it has been released by team of Google Indonesia, the whole scripting is in Bahasa – Indonesian Language.


  • This will not work in browsers like IE, Mozilla, Opera or Safari. You need to run it in Chrome [Download Chrome from here].
  • Also, when you start viewing it, many pop-ups will appear. Make sure that you do not close them as these are the part of the story and all the narrations will be shown here. In case you do so, the episode will pause.
  • There are certain parts where you have to scroll up or scroll down the window when a message starts popping failing which the story won’t proceed further.
  • Do not switch tabs or open any other applications while viewing it as it would result in the story being played from the beginning.
Head over to to watch the the Entire Ramayana.

Here are some of the selected  screenshots:



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