Which is the Best E-Commerce – Magento vs PrestaShop vs OsCommerce

Posted on May 30, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

Magento, PrestaShop and OsCommerce are 3 most popular open source e-commerce platforms. all of them offer ready solutions for your online store, but which one is better? Which one should you opt for in case you are looking forward to begin your own e-commerce business. Here are some of the facts put forward by me that will help to know the main difference between them, their advantages and disadvantages. It is very important to choose the e-commerce platform that will best suit your needs.

Little about Magento:

Magento is professional open source platform with huge community and very good technical support teams. Magento was founded in 2001 and is a fast growing open source software. Community version of Magento is free, but there is option to purchase professional or enterprise edition.

Little about PrestaShop:

Presta is same as Magento – open source ecommerce platform. Founded in 2007 for small to medium sized businesses. The online community of Presta is smaller than Magento and doesn’t have official support team. The users rely on community forum.

Little about OsCommerce:

Nowaways the default installation of OsCommerce can not be used. If we decided to stick onto OsCommerce, it is preferable to use a fork, as ZenCart or CRE Loaded. It is smaller in size compared to the rest. The community around osCommerce is huge and you can expect help anytime around.

The Best e-Commerce Among Mangento, Prestashop and OSCommerce

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Here are some of the Features that separate Magento and PrestaShop:


  • PrestaShop: Installation is easy and should not be a problem for anybody
  • Magento: Not as easy like Presta but any average user is able to install it
  • OsCommerce: Perhaps one of the easiest scripts to install, it is really easy and simple and has very few requirements.

Out of the box features

  • PrestaShop: Very good set of modules but less than Magento
  • Magento: Offers great set of features which will manage all aspects of your online shop
  • OsCommerce: It is quite ugly but fast, much faster than Magento, PrestaShop and fast, especially because there are so few options, no JavaScripts.

Ease of use

  • PrestaShop: Very easy and user friendly interface giving a big plus to Presta
  • Magento: The interface is not as friendly as Presta and require more skills from the user
  • OsCommerce: Poorly programmed. Hardly got any features, no programming structures. The same variable is used for many things.

Size in MB

  • PrestaShop: Well, it’s much smaller than Magento and lighter for the server [15MB]
  • Magento: Huge file system with quite big folder structure, need good and fast server [26.67MB]
  • OsCommerce: Very Small, just about 1/3rd the size of Prestashop . Comparatively lighter server will do [5.3MB]

Hosting & Performance

  • PrestaShop: It’s light and using Smarty template which makes it very fast without needing for top quality server
  • Magento: Require good and well configured server, otherwise it will work slow and deacrease quality of your shop
  • OsCommerce: A good server with optimum speed will do. But the worry is way scripting has been done, which might hog more resource.


If your shop isn’t a big online store with thousands of products and you don’t have technical assistance available to manage your shop then you should go ahead and use Presta. Presta Shop will give you all you need to start selling online and will be much easier to use and manage with less maintenance costs.. The community around osCommerce is huge, and even a person who does not know programming is able to enter and modify the code. If your shop is a huge online store and you are planning to have thousands of products then it’s better to use Magento as it is more robust and have dedicated support team

I hope these information’s will help you with your e-commerce web design adventure.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your opnion,
    i think it is important also the list with free extensions and add-ons i think there the Magento could be a winner.

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  3. My vote is for Magento, it looks to be perfect for my particular needs

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  6. Android Development says

    Reading all these three, I will go with Presta Shop. It is good. And what about Magento ? I heard somewhere that it is also good !

  7. Android Development says

    Sorry, I meant “shopify” from my last comment.

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