A Mobile Theatre: Rumors of an iPhone 5 Projector

Posted on May 29, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

While the  iPhone already sports a range of features, one thing missing from its arsenal is a built-in projector. The ability to project an image from the iPhone on to any available surface in order to share media on the phone is a lucrative prospect to say the least. Unfortunately, the only way to accomplish this with current iPhones is through the use of expensive and bulky attachments.

The Obstacles

There are, however, persistent rumors that the new iPhone will include a built-in pico projector, similar to the SHOWWX+ featured here on ipadprojector.org. It is no secret that Apple has been looking into this new technology from as early as 2009. Judging by patents that have been uncovered it would appear that they are closer than ever to making this a reality. There are some hurdles that would have to be overcome, as pico projectors, despite their usefulness, are currently not mainstream. Battery life will also obviously be a concern, so Apple will have to ensure that the added functionality does not affect the battery life of the phone too negatively.

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For Business and Pleasure

By including a pico projector, iPhone users will finally be freed from the confines of the small screen that the device has and will be able to share their media with a larger audience. After all, nobody likes crowding around a small iPhone screen to see the photos or videos that it is displaying. This feature will also be a hit in the business world where it will come in very handy during office presentations. There has already been talk amongst analysts about the possibility of including a pico projector with the iPhone 5. Many of them are convinced that Apple has already overcome some of the more obvious hurdles like poor image quality and a weak lumen rate. Others claim that Apple’s wait and see approach to new technology makes it unlikely for them to take the lead in this regard. The range of external projectors for iPhones has already proved that there is a viable market for the technology. Competitors like Samsung have already proven that it is possible to include a pico projector in a smartphone, so it might not be that long before the rumors of an iPhone version turns into reality. One thing is for sure; it is only a matter of time before we see this technology becoming mainstream and it would be foolish for Apple to miss out.

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