The Most Expensive iPad Apps till Date

Posted on May 29, 2012 by Alan Rita

When apps are mentions, your mind might take you to some cheap beautiful interface coded by a naïve and intelligent young programmer just looking to see his name on the list of Apple’s iStuffs! But there’s much to apps than just that. Some apps are worth every penny you pay for them, while some are downright cheap you could even get them for free.



This post is not going to be discussing on those general, cheap apps we are used to, those that use to make the list of “top 50 free apps” and sort, but the apps I’ll be listing in this post are apps you might have to work a full month before you’re able to afford them (if you don’t apply for payday loans), literarily.

Below are list of some of the most expensive apps ever. They are outragiously expensive and some of them even cost upto $999.99!

Ignition – $99.99

I think this should be the cheapest of the apps you’ll find in this list. This is one such app that has been downloaded by many in spite of its high cost and has been rated well.  It’s not now since the tablet and smartphones are starting to replace the traditional computer (laptops and desktops). This app is going to be there to help you eliminate the stress of battling with your laptop computer while you are traveling. This app helps you control your laptop and desktop computer by using the Logmein Software that connects your iPad to your laptop and helps you open your computer files on your iPad. It’s quite a good thing to get this app if you have so many files you can’t do without on your laptop, and carrying it about would be a stress to you.

Multistate bar exam Course – $399.99

This app, a rather very prestigious one, made it to the number one on BI’s top most expensive apps. The app gets students prepared for their law course by helping them study for the Florida Bar Exam. You might not be a law student and probably would not need to buy this app, but those that are going to buy it will confess that it’s quite on the high, considering that the average price for apps is in the 10s. This app is not quite long since it’s been created. It was created on January 13 2011.

Buddy Repperton Gold – $399.99

This is rather going to be for the gamblers out there, but it does no harm if you knew about it. It’s the sport game that tells you when to place a bet and which bet to place. The function of this app is simply let you know when to place a bet. While this game app is sort of odd in the price when compared to general game apps which are just $1.99 to $19.99, those that will pay for this app know what they are spending their money on.

app.Cash – $449.99

It is a stylish cashier system that can serve many purposes in those fields where managing money becomes a difficult task.

Architactical Inceptionm – $499.99

This app is a go-for app if you’re an architect! The app is designed to help architects make the creation of their project easy and fast. As an architect, you can create your diagrams with ease and map out a good design for you project. After completing your project, you can then e-mail the diagram which would be converted to a PDF file. The app costs a whopping $499.99, and is a file of 4.1 mb.

Spray – $499.99

Whether you are a owner operator, contractor or a large corporation Spray App will streamline information from the field back to the office instantly.

BarMax CA– $999.99

This app has been created by the Harvard lawyers to help the law students study for the New York bar exam. The highlights of this app is that it consists of about 1,471 MBE questions from previous bar exams, 130+ real CA practice essays , 50+ hours of lectures from the Harvard law Professors, 30+ real CA performance tests and much more that will guide the law students in every possible manner. Something really worth saving for!

Agro – $999.99

An App that puts the Agronomist at comfort. This app allows to create inspection reports regarding the sale of products while on farm reducing the workload by not having to go all the way up to the office to come up with the reports.

The Alchemist SMS – $999.99

This app provides the workers in the steel-making and scrap metal recycling industry with the tools needed to achieve reductions in raw material costs. This app takes into account the user specifications for charge buckets and designing a charge bucket loading scheme.

Intuition Control Solo WolfVision – $999.99

Intuition Control revolutionizes video conferencing and visualizer control by offering an intuitive user interface. Intuition Control Solo (ICS) WolfVision delivers the ultimate user experience in controlling your WolfVision visualizers.  ICS WolfVision gives you an instant return on your visualizer investment by creating an environment where you are no longer challenged by trying to understand how to operate your visualizer. This app was last updated on Aug 26, 2010 and the support team hasn’t come up with additional features along with advancement in technology in-spite of charging heavily for the app.

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