How to Make a Website For Free Using Site Builders

Posted on May 28, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

With the advancements in technology, the way of doing businesses have changed quite considerably, especially in the last decade and a half. If you are running a business, and if you still do not have a website, then it is as bad as deciding to fail in your business venture.

In the past, webhosting charges and the web designing charges used to be expensive. Obviously, only the big businesses could afford those costs. Small businesses used to consider web development expenses as extravagant and unnecessary. Gone are the days when only big business establishments used to own their websites. Now it has become a vital necessity for even the smallest of business. You cannot just think of running a business otherwise.

It is not just the businesses that use websites these days. People also create websites for fun and community building as well. In fact, it is the best possible way to reach out to more people in a short period of time.

First, let us check out some of the importance of having websites:

  • Your websites have the capability of marketing your business 24 hours a day
  • You get the flexibility to explore the markets all across the globe
  • It is a great channel for your customers to get in touch with you instantly
  • You can express the core values of your business effectively
  • You can increase the sales with the internet marketing

The advantages of owning business websites are many, but not all of us might be able to create them if we do not have the programming knowledge and skills. If you are a new entrepreneur, you might surely think about how to create a website for free. You might not be in a position to hire expensive designers, or you might not have the knowledge on how to make a website for free.

The best solution to your needs is the site builders. Some web hosting companies might throw in a free website builder with your hosting account. However, such hosting accounts will be expensive. If you choose to go for a hosting account that is cheap, it might not come with free site builders. Well, there is a solution for you too.


There are some free website builders using which you can make a website for free, some of which are listed below:

You don’t have to be a web programmer to be able to create websites with site builders. They come with easy features, and even rookies can manage to create great websites with a little bit of practice. It is easy to learn and use them. You could even make complex designs by using them, once you learn all about their features. They even come with help menu and tutorials to help you understand the features.

Now that you know about how to build a website for free, just explore the net and look up for the websites that offer free tools for creating websites. Those websites even offer advanced web tools for nominal prices.

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