5 Fun Smartphone Apps of 2012

Posted on May 28, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

The increase and development of mobile apps has changed the way people treat their mobile phones. Furthermore, these tools have even made some changes in some people’s lives because people were able to do a lot of things more even while on the go because of their mobile apps-packed mobile phone.

People no longer have to get to the nearest internet shop to connect to the internet and chat with their friends, send and receive emails, look up the meaning of a word, etc. Games are no longer played only through game consoles or through PCs and laptops. Being updated with your friends’ latest photos can already be done with a touch of a button. Kids can be entertained and at the same time, educated while passing time with fun and educational games. There are even more possibilities and all of these can be credited to thousands of apps waiting to be downloaded by smart phone and wireless gadget owners.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, what’s great about these apps is they can be easily searched for and downloaded from several apps store from different mobile brands providers. With the variety of mobile phones brands circulating among mobile phone owners, these apps are developed to be suitable to every type of mobile phone. Another great thing about these apps is getting them is as easy as clicking the icon and installing them in your favorite wireless gadget. Subscribers, even those with SIM only deals won’t have to worry about the costs in downloading an app of their choice because a lot of apps which are fun or useful are available for free.

To give you an overview of a few fun mobile apps that is creating raves this 2012, here is a list that you can refer to in turning your useful mobile phone into an entertainment gizmo.


(Courtesy of  iTunes Store)

Talking Tom Cat 

 This game involves an animated cat repeating everything you say in a funny voice. This fun app is certainly a hit with the kids but some adults also had a few laughs with the silliness of this game. The animated cat character is also able to respond to certain actions like purring when you cuddle him, or clawing and hissing when you poke him. You can also record a video of Tom then save the file or share in Youtube or Facebook. However, parents are advised not to leave kids too much and most of all, alone with this game due to a few violent actions such as slapping the character repeatedly until it falls off.

(Courtesy of Google Play)

 My Tracks

Not all apps have to involve games and this app puts fun in every fitness enthusiasts’ goal for an active and healthy lifestyle. My Tracks enables the smart phone user to monitor and record his tracks while doing outdoor activities such as running, biking, hiking. It will make use of the GPS sensor in the smart phone in monitoring the tracks and the mobile phone owner can share his progress to Google Maps or Twitter.


(Courtesy of  Google Play)


If challenge is what’s fun for you, then you should have this app on your Android or iPhone. Wordfeud is multiplayer word puzzle game where mobile phone owners can challenge friends or random players and play in up to 30 different games, all at the same time. You can also chat with your friends or random opponent while on the game. It’s been around for awhile and is probably consider the Word with Friends copy cat, but it has gain a lot more popularity recently.


(Courtesy of  Google Play)


Familiar with that little green Android that you see around? Ever imagined this character having a different or even funny look? Be as creative as you can be and dress it up in any way you want. Put on some shades, a hoodie, a cool cap, or any accessory that you want. You can even shrink or stretch to change its size. With these possibilities, you can even make an android out of your image and make it your profile picture and make an android out of your friend and add it in their contact detail.  



(Courtesy of  iTunes Store)


I’m sure everyone knows about this app and I’m sure that it’s not considered an underground app, but it’s definitely an amazing original app for those that just like to take photos on their photos and share it with their friends. Who wouldn’t want to take or look at pictures most especially those that are created with artistry? Instagram is more than just altering photos – it enables you to create classic and vintage looking images that people will it find nice to look at. Soon after the release of this app, it has immediately gained popularity among smart phone users and social media enthusiasts.


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