Why You Should Update Your Navteq GPS Maps for the Summer

Posted on May 26, 2012 by Nikhil P Naik

With the Summer months now fast approaching it’s typically a time when families start to use their car more often in order to have a weekend away, or go on a driving vacation.  There are a number of ways in which you can make sure you are as fully prepared as possible when it comes to getting your car ready for the journey, but one of the most important aspects is to ensure that you have the most up to date mapping available on your GPS and portable navigation device.  This is something that many GPS owners don’t tend to consider, but it is hugely important because the US Department of Transport released information that over the last 12 months there have been over 87,000 new miles of road changed or added to the US road network.

Your GPS Maps Will Always Be Out of Date

That fact alone means that the digital Navteq maps on your Garmin or standalone GPS product will be out of date, and could lead to increased frustration whilst driving this Summer.  Not only that though: junction priorities will have changed, and business addresses will have moved – all factors which could contribute to you having to spend more time on the road and behind the wheel than actually enjoying yourself whilst on vacation.

Download New Navteq Maps or Buy on DVD

Thankfully, the maps that come with GPS devices are easy to update and can either be downloaded from Navteq (the official map supplier to 80% of the GPS manufacturers) or purchased on a DVD or disc set.  Generally speaking there are two different types of map update available from Navteq.  If you own a standalone portable navigation device (think TomTom, Magellan, and Garmin) then you can download new Navteq map updates to your PC and then sync the device up via USB and install the new maps in that way.

In-Dashboard Navigation Devices Need a DVD Install

However, many more drivers nowadays own a car which has the GPS built-in to the dashboard.  These are known as factory-installed OEM GPS products – which of course you cannot remove from car.  Because of this you need instead to order a Navteq Navigation DVD which will arrive in the post.  So the key is here to be prepared and to do some pre-planning because typically the new map software CD might take 7 working days in which to arrive.

The Benefits to Having New Navteq Maps Installed

Once you have updated the Navteq maps on your GPS then you will benefit from the following numbers (and these are all figures from the most recent 2012 update):

  • Nearly 90,000 of new road updates
  • 20,000 new POI (points of interest files) including tourist attractions
  • Expanded coverage to includes all cities in Canada and North America

If your driving vacation is taking you outside of North America and the United States then it is also possible to update with different regions – all of which are available on the official Navteq website.  You can buy European and South American maps and these are actually cheaper than the North American versions – with retail prices somewhere in the $100 US Dollar region.

More Information on Navteq Maps

This article was kindly supplied by the team at GPS Bites.  For more information on how you can update your maps or even save money with a Navteq Coupon Code then please visit the following links on the GPS Bites website for further information:

The coupon code link is particularly helpful as this could mean you save anything up to 20% off your navigation update purchase – or qualify for free shipping if opting for a Navteq DVD map update.

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